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10 Best New Authors On The Rise of 2019

Every year there are new authors coming on the book publishing scene–all with the same goals, and dreams of becoming the next best seller to have their books placed on “The New York Times Best Sellers” list. As reader enthusiast your to-read list is still growing thanks to all of the authors who produced such great books that came out within the last few years, but you still seem to crave those “new authors” with a series of titles that captivate your attention, and satisfies your taste for drama, suspense, romance, and mystery. Well, we’ve done our own title reviews during our search for the next new authors who’ve written that next  New York Times Best Seller.

To our interest, readers can look forward to the release of great inspirational, real life debut novels, and new books by some of the newest authors to step on the scene who’s written the start of their best works that depict true stories of tragedy, and triumph that will help you digest the crazy world around us. Here are our favorite pics of the authors, and stories that touched our hearts that we we’re reading in 2019.

1. The Color Of My Wings: Zanette Lee Collins

“The Colors of My Wings,” is a story of a young woman’s trials and tribulations through life. Not ever seeing a possibility for hope and change she began to live her life as she saw fit. Zanetta did her best to function in what she thought to be a normal capacity, but internally she was broken and torn. Through molestation, homosexuality, anxiety, depression and even attempted suicides as a child. Zanetta founder herself spiraling out of control through life and just when she was in her darkest hour Zanetta reached out to God and even though she didn’t know it at the time God had wrapped his arms around her, picked her up off of that cold floor and placed His hand on her heart for change…and so it began….

2. Silence Her No More: Constance Burrell

As a adolescent I made plenty of mistakes; I’ve come to realize life is full of adventure and journeys so I’m constantly learning, growing and even making mistakes. Life can become very difficult (if your experiencing identity issues and aren’t seeking help ) those issues will slow the process of finding your purpose down.

3. Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Stupid By: Tremayne Moore 

Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Stupid. That’s how Michael Anderson saw the world. Who would hear him? His cry for help would shake a congregation.

4. Lou, The Grief Dog By:  Teleah Scott.

Encourages pet adoption! A beautiful friendship story between a child and dog. Meet Willie and his faithful dog, Lou. Lou thinks Willie is the absolute best pal- and that it’s his job to cheer him up when Willie feels sad about his Dad dying. The colorful rhyming narrative and vibrant illustrations depict the unfolding bond of trust and affection as seen through the eyes of a loving pet.

5. Why Do You Stare?: A Reflection of Me Through Poetry By: Angelica Henderson

In her freshman debut, Angelica Henderson unleashes her poetic prose, pulling the reader into the heart of fragile femininity and leading them onward through a journey of life, love, struggle, and conquering faith despite obstacles. Why Do You Stare is sure to leave readers contemplating the uncertain, yet rewarding rhythms of life while inspiring them to take risks to live the life they deserve.

6. Bloom Forever By: Cynthia M. Lamb

This book is a compilation of twenty-plus years of one woman’s “love journey” with all its painful and glorious experiences. Some poems are in raw form, scribbles and all—wonderfully imperfect, like her. The book’s title symbolizes what she believes love does in each of us when nurtured.
”Overcome to Fulfill Your Purpose” deals with some of the most basic issues that you must overcome in order to pursue and fulfill the purpose of God for your life. Too often you may try to become “something” instead of the “You” God created. Learn to become successfully you and step into your purpose.

8. Through The Storm By: Rene Merritt

Rene Merritt, a divorced mother of three adult children, Trene’, Trevor and Camron, was born and raised in Florida where she still resides. Since 2005, both Rene’s life and career have been geared toward the improvement of our youth, through taking positions at Children’s Medical Services, School Health and Early Steps

9. Tandra’s Words: Snapshots of Love, Faith and Mourning

As a child, author David Dye had a passion for animals and helping people in need. He would often seclude himself into his own fantasy world imagining himself inspiring and saving the world. In high school, he excelled in both basketball and football. However, he wanted more out of life than playing games

10. A Sister’s Revenge By: Andrea Roberson

This author lost one too many family members and friends in her life to gun violence. Her brother was her best friend and when she lost him, she wanted revenge…
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