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11 Shocking facts you didn’t know about Ms. Ross

While audiences may feel like they know Ms. Ross from her podcasts, appearances on radio, indie movie roles and her promo video productions, there’s actually more to the host than what you see on social media. Here are a few things you never knew about Ms. Ross…

There’s more to Ms. Ross than what you see

  1. She grew up in Mims, Florida.

Ms. Ross, the first of six children born to mother Mary A. Berry, and the second daughter to Henry J. Ross whom also grew up in Mims, a suburb of Brevard County, FL.

2. She started in the music industry

Ms. Ross began her  career in Music as a singer/Rapper, and songwriter, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 to pursue that career. After a few years, she finally put her music career on the shelf in 2005 after getting pregnant with her first daughter. After the birth of her second daughter, and going through a divorce, she moved back to Florida to focus on her radio and television career and started her podcast in 2015. She has since been the most talked about radio/t.v. personality with the raw/uncut aggressive approach to media.

3. She’s an Author, and Motivation Speaker

Since 2000, Ms. Ross has written various self-help periodicals, published three e-books (including a weight-loss and fitness guide and two self-help tell-alls ). Her most recent work was the 2017 relationship guide, I Love you, I Love you Not. 

4. She’s an Entrepreneur

Since 2003, Ms. Ross has started various online businesses, including her first e-commerce store, Essential Bargains, which was a home, and decor online shop that offered designer products at wholesale prices. She then started a club called, “The Bitter Wives Club” shortly after her divorce, which was an empowerment movement for divorcees that organized various trips, events, and meetings to uplift, and empower newely divorced women. In 2012, she opened a pole dance studio in Melbourne, Fl,  Brickhouse Pole Dance Studio“., she’s the owner, and founder of the marketing, and advertising firm, Womsga, the cleaning service company, Pretty Clean, Inc, and the designer, and owner of CSSC, and SheeBadd Fashions activewear, and clothing lines.

Ms. Ross is currently working on several new projects in which she expects to launch within the years ahead.

5. She’s been in Movies

In 2013, Ms. Ross was given the opportunity to star in an indie film, she had never acted in any movie before, it was her first role. she played the part of a disabled woman in a love story Unconditional Love. In 2015, she was offered two more leading roles in a short film, A Subtle Invitation, she played the role of a doctor who’s offered a proposal by her patient, and starred in Stripped, where she played the part of a mother married to a strip club owner who pimps her daughter for profits. She’s been offered a few other roles, in which she’s currently preparing.

Take a sneak peek at the two short films she starred in 2017. Stay tuned, and Tune in to future films in the making.

6. She went back to school at 41

To sharpen her media industry skills, she decided to enroll in college, where she’s studying Mass Communications/Journalism, and Radio/T.v Broadcasting. She currently attends Miami-Dade College, and plans to finish her bachelor’s at Broward College. She plans to further her college education, and obtain her Masters Degree in Communications.

7. She’s Divorced

Ms. Ross was married to the father of her kids for 7 years, prior to their nuptuals, they dated, and lived as common law husband, and wife since 1999. She filed for divorce in 201o, she, and her now “Ex” continued to date even after their divorce until 2014, they later called it quits due to “irreconcilable differences”, and both decided to part ways permanently.


8. She was a Stripper

Ms. Ross started a career as an exotic dancer in 1998 at a Decatur, Georgia gentlemen’s club, Jazzy T’s, she later danced at various stripclubs, including, an Atlanta strip club called, BodyTap, it later had it’s name changed to Diamonds of Atlanta, and has recently had the name changed to Vlive.  She simultaneously earned tips at two white adult entertainment establishment in buckhead called, Tattletales, and Pink Pony, which was off Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta. Tattletales was sold a few years later to black owners, and was re-named Club 290. Other gentlemen clubs she frequently earned tips was Pinups on E. Ponce De Leon in (Decatur), Babes on Fulton Industrial Blvd (Atlanta), and the world famous Strokers in (Clarkston). All clubs were located in Georgia.

9. She is a victim of Domestic Violence

In 1997, Ms. Ross met a guy, and was smitten by him, she later moved in with him, and things quickly turned into a nightmare. About 5 months later he began to abuse her. She suffered in this abusive relationship for about a year until she devised a plan to escape. During her efforts to get away, she continued to suffer the abuse, but eventually got out of the situation after experiencing three different near death experiences at the hands of her abuser. She had a gun pointed at her head after her abuser entered into her apartment by kicking the door down, the bullet missed her head by an inch, she was beaten, and left for dead in a pond in Decatur off Snapfinger woods drive. She was locked in a closet with her abuser by her abuser, where he set the one bedroom apartment she rented in Stone mountain, Georgia on fire in efforts to attempt a murder suicide.

10. She loves helping people

Ms. Ross has a passion to help others. She’s dedicated countless of hours to assisting in the aide, and support of others who wish to better themselves. She’s helped troubled teens, particularly young troubled girls/teens, and has helped direct those teens back on the right path. She’s guided young boys, and helped them to better understand their roles as men, and continues to be an advocate to lower the statistics, and end the stereotypes of black men, and ” Deadbeat dads”. Ms. Ross is truly a no nonsense inspiration to everyone she comes into contact. She’s tough, aggressive, and straight forward, but shes a leader definitely needed in the black community.

11. She weighed 138lbs.

Before she had kids, she was a petite woman. It wasn’t until after the birth of her kids that she began to developed hips, and “booty”. Contrary to the eye, she hasn’t had any body shaping surgeries, but does admit that she plan to have some work done in the future. You gotta stay tune, and tune in to see what type of changes she plan to make to her appearance.

12. She Was Arrested.

In 1998, Ms. Ross was arrested for Carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a controlled substance. (Glenwood Road, Decatur, GA). Although the gun, and substance wasn’t hers, but belonged to her boyfriend (The Abuser), she was manipulated by him into taking the charge. She knew nothing about how the system operated, nor did she know what would happen at this point, she was told that since she had no criminal record,  she’d get out on a signature bond, and the fact that it would be her first offense, the charges wouldn’t stick since she’d inform the public defender she’d like to plead under the “First Offenders Act”. Since her boyfriend had already been a three time felon, these new charges would’ve resulted in his re-incarceration where he’d face at least 15- 20 years in prison. At the time, she felt she was doing a loyal service to her boyfriend, but would soon find out how that act of love, and kindness would follow, haunt, and disable  her for the rest of her life. Life was never the same, and it was very difficult trying to settle back into living in society.

She served 45 days in the county Jail before even going to court on the charge. She was released after appearing in court, and told she’d be notified in regards to a hearing. (The hearing that she never appeared for, because as stated before she moved, and never received the letter from the courts) As result, a warrant for her arrest was issued.

In 1999, she found out she had a warrant out for her arrest for “Failure to appear” on her initial charge/arrest due to the fact that she never received notice to appear in court, because she no longer lived at the address she provided to officers at the time of her arrest. She didn’t know anything about forwarding her address either, because that’s how ignorant she was. She was just starting to figure out what life, responsibilities, and obligations were all about. Fearful of spending anymore time jail, instead of turning herself in, she assumed an alias name, and went on the run for 3 years.

In 2001, she was pulled over by state troopers on I-75 South in Georgia for speeding, and was arrested on the charges, and taken back into custody where she served six months in the Dekalb County Jail awaiting her court date. Upon her court date, she was granted time served, and placed on three years probation.

In 2003, she violated her probation (Railroaded by her probation officer), and was again taken back into custody where he served an additional 3 months in the county jail. Upon her release, she’d served all the time remaining, and was set free without any probation to complete. It was over, she didn’t have anymore ties to the criminal justice system, and she set out to put her life back on track.

This may come as a shock, but…In 2008, she ended up BACK IN THE COUNTY JAIL, but this time for assault and battery, and spent 1 week in Dekalb County Jail. The charges were initially dropped to a misdemeanor, and she was released, and ordered to complete 40 hours of anger management, and 40 hours of community service. She completed her assignments, and met her requirements, but then she had to recondition herself to focus now on her attitude, and how she’d handle conflict in the future. She vowed not to allow anyone to jeopardize her freedom, peace of mind,, and direction in life.  She was ready to lead, and live a positive, productive, and prosperous existence. To View Ms. Ross’s Criminal History Click Here

If you want to find out the details of these incidents, including incidents that occurred during her incarceration, etc. you gotta stay tuned, and tune in to read the book.

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