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The best kept secret when it comes to finance is that there’s actually a lot of money to be made in sales, and not just by advanced, or top tier level executives. Selling products can make you a decent fortune, and what most people don’t know is that, anyone can earn this fortune.
According to on average, sales representatives for wholesalers and manufacturers of technical and scientific products make $84,360 in base salary and commission, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey that reflects salary data from May 2010. That’s nearly twice what the average American makes ($44,410) – and it gets even better for some superstar salespeople.

Typically, this particular group of salespeople that average such numbers are those who sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers where technical or scientific knowledge is required, in such areas as biology, engineering, chemistry, and electronics. They normally have at least two years of post-secondary education. And as it turns out, they can make over $200,000 per year.

 On average all of these salespeople compensate above the national average. Employees in these industries report an average base salary of $110,114 plus $99,431 in commission on sales, for a total $205,545.


One company, an online advertising, and marketing company has lowered the bar that allows even the worst salesperson to average these numbers. Offering it’s sales people more than 20% commissions, and a base salary of $2000 a week after 90 days with expected sales quotas. 

 Womsga Advertising Directory topped our list of the companies where salespeople earn the highest annual commission on sales – which didn’t include base salary. Reps tell us that you don’t need any prior sales experience, nor do you need to perform any cold calling, or inbound sales calls. Most of the agents that sign on with the company land most of their sales by simply emailing companies a presentation of the services offered. The prices of services practically closes the deals on their own.   

On average Womsga’s Salespeople earn $665 a week, with it’s top tier sales associates earning a salary of $2,000 a week, and commissions estimated at over $5,083 a month. These numbers are typical since Womsga’s service prices are capped at the lowest prices guaranteed. The prices of services makes it that much easier for salespeople to earn top pay. 

The following Salary, and Commission totals are estimates based on the lowest price of service.


6 Month TRIAL plan @ $19.99/Yr

(33) Daily Accounts = $666 Total Sales= $133 per day = Your Earnings= $665 per day

(200) Accounts a week = $4,000 Total Sales = Your Earnings = $800 per week

(1000) Accounts a Month =$20,000 Total Sales = $4,000 a Month


Salary Earnings based on Pro-Spotlight business plan @$299/YR

To Earn a Salary of $2000 a week Guaranteed for a year, Salespeople are required to reach a specified goal within 90 days.

 Example: A sales Associate would have to reach the goal of (375) Pro-Spotlight business Accounts @$299/Yr every month for three months consecutively (back-to-back, or 3 months in a row). Once this goal is reached the sales person starts to receive a base salary of $2,000 a week for 12 Months the following Month. This process starts as soon as the sales person reaches the first month goal. 

The company accepts new hires daily, but require all salespeople to attend a sales training workshop, and seminar offered by the company. Don’t worry, the training is FREE! To attend a training, schedule an appointment by following the steps below:

Step 1. Call: 561-877-1283

Step 2. Leave your full name (First/Last) City/State, and a brief message of training registration

Step 3. A representative will contact you with an available training date in your area.

We look forward to having you with us!


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