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The best kept secret when it comes to “making a lot of money” is that you can actually make six figures  in sales if you’re working for the right company. It wouldn’t even require you to be a top tier level executive. Selling products can make you a decent fortune, and what most people don’t know is that, anyone can earn this fortune.

One company has lowered the sales industry bar by allowing the worst salesperson to average top tier sales numbers. Offering it’s salespeople 40% commissions per sale and a base salary of $2000 a month after 90 days that meet expected sales quotas. 

We’ve done our research, and comparisons of the “Best Sales Teams” across many industries, and we only found one that makes a career in “sales” worth getting into. Many companies met our criteria, but Womsga Advertising Solutions; Search Directory topped our list of the companies with the best sales commissions structure.  Salespeople earn 40% commissions “per sale”, and earn 40% commission “residual income” from the monthly memberships. On top of that, the company even offers sales people the opportunity to earn $2000/week “base pay”. We haven’t found any other company to offer this.

A company rep told us that you don’t need any prior sales experience, education, nor do you need to perform any cold calling, or outbound sales calls if you’re not comfortable with these methods. Most of the agents that sign on with the company land most of their sales by simply emailing companies a presentation of the services, and following up with them in about a week, or going door-to-door. Almost every sales agent we spoke with told us that, the prices of the memberships practically closes the deals on their own. 

On average Womsga’s Salespeople earn 400 a week, with it’s top tier sales associates earning a salary of $4,000 a week, and bonuses estimated at over $5,000 a month. These numbers are typical since Womsga’s service prices are capped at the lowest prices guaranteed. The prices of services makes it that much easier for salespeople to earn top pay. 

Recently, the company launched it’s “333” Campaign, in which sales people can earn almost $40,000 in 90 days. The key is to sale 333 VIP memberships in 3 months. Each membership goes for $300 a year. Several salespeople have told us that the price, and for what each business is getting makes it that much easier to close their deals. Some have claimed to have closed several deals in an hours time.

The following Salaries, and Commissions below are typical, and are estimates based on the membership plans currently offered by the company.

Typical Weekly Earnings Examples:

(10) VIP Memberships per week (40 per month) Your Earnings= $4,800 a week

(10)  Premium Memberships per week. Your Earnings = $800 a week

(10) Economy Memberships per week. =Your Earnings= $400 a week

Note: To Earn a Salary of $2000 a week Guaranteed for a year, Salespeople are required to reach a specified goal within 90 days. A sales Associate would have to reach the goal of signing up (375) VIP memberships @$300/Yr every month for three months consecutively (back-to-back, or 3 months in a row). Once this goal is reached the sales person starts to receive a base salary of $2,000 a week for 12 Months after the 3 month trial has ended. This process starts as soon as the sales person reaches his/her goal. There’s no grace period, or waiting period before salespeople start to receive their base salaries.

The company accepts new associates daily, and they no longer require all salespeople to attend a sales training workshop. All Sales associates are required to attend the quarterly, and yearly conferences. Don’t worry, the conferences are FREE, and not mandatory. Associates won’t have a problem with finding a way to get to these conferences since they have a chance to take home up to $10,000 Tax free money. That’s right, it’s not just work at these affairs, it fair game. 

If you’re serious about joining this company’s sales team, simply Click Here! You may also contact a representative if you have any questions. Call: 1-877-392-8222 to speak to a team leader.

You can also email them at: The company ask that you put your Full name (First/Last) in the subject box, and include all other details within the body of your email. Contact number, Address, including City/State, working phone number, Resume (Optional), copy of I.D./D.L. (If applicable) etc.

It’s not a hard decision to make whether you’re going to take the opportunity to becoming one of this company’s agents if you’re a great salesperson. Many sales oriented people jump immediately on the chance to being a part of this company’s sales structure simply, because the sales earning potential is great.


If you’re interested in being a team leader in your area, specify this interest in your email.

Here are eight tips to help you establish and maintain a productive, collaborative team while developing your leadership talents along the way.

1. Make time to lead.
To be effective, team leaders need to invest time in the role. Too often, this responsibility is simply added onto someone’s already lengthy task list, thus setting the new leader up for failure. As a team leader you need to be visible to the team and available to support them. If you’re predominantly tied up with your own critical hands-on tasks, you won’t be. So, be sure to review and re-negotiate your workload before taking on a leadership role in the first place.

2. Get to know your team.
Leadership is all about how you influence your team to achieve its objectives—something you’ll struggle to do if you don’t get to know your team members and what makes them tick. While it might be tempting to jump in and start making big moves from day one, remember that you’re not there to flex your ego.

Take time to listen to your team members; find out what their issues and aspirations are, gather ideas, and identify potential strengths and weaknesses. Only then can you formulate a leadership approach that stands a chance of success. Getting to know who you’re working with is the first all-important step to bonding with the team and establishing their respect and trust. The old adage of listening twice as much as you speak still holds true.

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
Once your team is up and running, it’s imperative to keep the communication going to build relationships, assess progress, and identify risks and issues. Plus, you’ll get more engagement from team members if they see you investing time in them and showing interest in their activities. Make expectations and responsibilities clear so that everyone knows who’s doing what, why and by when. This seems obvious but don’t assume everyone has your detailed understanding of the project at hand. Encourage and embrace new ideas. The more your team can contribute to the project, the happier they’ll be.

4. Lead by example.
Think about the behaviors you want and expect from your team members and be sure to exhibit those traits yourself. You’re the role model, so what you say and do will impact the team’s daily work habits and attitudes. That said, it’s important to be yourself and to believe in yourself. If you fake it, you’ll soon be unmasked and you’ll lose credibility and trust.

Be open, honest and passionate. Treat everyone on the team fairly, with respect and without favoritism and you’ll find those behaviors returned. Extend the same courtesy to the rest of the organisation as well. Never undermine or criticise other individuals or departments in front of the team. Make it clear you’re all there to work towards success for the big picture.

5. Reward the good and learn from the bad (and the ugly).
Be quick to recognise a good performance and reward it where appropriate. You might not be in a position to hand out pay raises and promotions but a little bit of verbal praise goes a long way in showing your team you are both aware of and appreciative of their achievements.

Be equally as timely in tackling poor performance issues.The longer you leave them, the tougher they’ll be to fix. Look for the best in people and understand that mistakes will happen. When they do, learn from them and see how they can be prevented in future. And whatever you do, don’t play the blame game.

If you need to have a challenging conversation, do it in private; no public floggings. And don’t try to win a popularity contest. Not all your feedback and initiatives will be well-received, but if you concentrate more on being everyone’s friend instead of being a strong leader, the work will suffer, as will your integrity.

6. Delegate.
Trust your team to do its job. Being team leader doesn’t mean you’re there to do other people’s work for them. Be clear on what’s expected of everyone and let them get on with it. When issues or opportunities arise, empower the team to find a resolution themselves with your support—don’t add every new issue to your own to-do list.

7. Be decisive.
Don’t procrastinate. Grab the nettle when you need to. It’s all too easy to defer the difficult decisions, but ultimately costly for the job in hand and how you’re viewed as a leader. If things go wrong, take a breath, gather the information you need to make an educated decision and make it. Don’t be afraid of seeking help (it’s a sign of strength, not weakness). Team management is an ongoing learning process and you will never have all the answers.

8. Enjoy it!
Team leadership is often challenging but frequently rewarding. Heading up a team that’s working well and delivering results is a great feeling, so go do it!

If you think these tips were useful, and wold like to find out more ways to be a better team leader, and would like to master some of the most common project management challenges, click here


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