Black owned beauty supply store opens in the Pines

Kayla Beauty Supply Store
The African American community of Pembroke Pines is witness to an iconic moment in African American history –African American beauty supplies are finally being supplied by  “African American” business owners. When the African American community learns of a new business opening up, it’s largely assumed, and expected that the owners are Asian, or White, it’s not much news, because different races are always seeming to be setting up shops in the local African American communities with hopes of getting richer, and in many cases, their efforts are successful–But, For the African American community, the idea that a “Black Owned” business is opening in the area is a very “Big deal”.

African American entrepreneurs, and small business owners have had to fight twice as hard, and go the extended extra mile just to fit in with the growing business economy, so when a “Black Owned” business has opened up, it’s more than an achievement. For an African American to even be able to tap into an industry as large as “Beauty Supply” industry, which has been dominated by the Asian community for decades is a huge milestone that deserves to be recognized, and credited.

Kelly Polas, a resident of West Park and Frantz  Adelson, an active solider in the U.S. Army and resident of Miami-Dade County joined forces to open Kayla’s Beauty Supply Store. “I wanted to go in business with a product, and service that catered to African American woman in honor of my daughter who passed away”, said Kelly- Kayla Polas was 8 years old when she passed away in 2008 after a two year battle with Leukemia. Since it’s opening the store has been getting rave reviews, and astonishing support form the local community.

“I prayed for someone to open a black owned store for years, but it seemed as though it would never happened. Since all the controversy has been spotlighted in regards to the Asian business Owner in Chicago that assaulted the black girl he thought was stealing, I joined in the efforts to make that store an example, and vowed not to shop at another non-black owned establishment-The commute for me from Mirimar to Pines is about a 30 minute drive, but I rather drive the extra miles where I’m appreciated as a customer rather than be treated like nothing, plus it feels good to support my community, and to know that I’m a part of history in the making”. Said, one supporter of Kayla’s Beauty Supply store.

It seems like the African American community is standing up for it’s rights, supporting it’s own, and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of the disrespect. It’s no secret the a large percentage of the economic growth stems from the spending habits of the African American Community. No one knew it until the story broke that Kayla’s Beauty Supply Store has been open for one year, and it plans to keep it’s doors open for decades to come, and expects to open a few more chains throughout South Florida in the near future.

If you’d like to support Kayla’s Beauty Supply store, you may do so by simply joining them on Facebook at, or simply click the link

Address: 6980 Pembroke Road, Pembroke Pines, FL 33023 Phone:954-674-5217

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