Blacks say Obama put Lybia into slavery

Despite the efforts of the many leaders who attempt to bring about “Change, Peace, and Unity ” it seems that no matter what they do they’ll still continue to be judged, blamed, criticized, and ridiculed for something-Especially “Black Leaders”. I’ve touched on this topic before, and the more it comes up, the more annoyed I get, because although I try to ignore it, It’s a must I say something about it. I just can’t seem to  shake, or ignore this type of “Ignorance”.  The fact that “Black people” seek to tear down, discredit, and destroy the few “Black people” who’re brave, and bold enough to “at least” try to bring about change for the sake of the “Black Community”, even if their efforts are faced with failure is a disgrace, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I’ll never understand it, it’s hypocrisy! At the same time, these same people also claim that “Obama, like the rest are puppets who’s strings are being pulled by the real leaders who have control over the situation” they still blame the “Puppet”. If you’re going to say on one hand that someone doesn’t have the power to do something, but then turn around, and point the finger, and blame them for something “You” say they don’t have the power to do makes you a “Hypocrite”, right? I mean, make me understand, because I’m confused. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out who these people are? What organization are they apart of? And, mainly..”WHAT’S THEIR POINT”.

If anyone wants to blame anyone for how this country is being run then I think it’s fair to say they should blame themselves-Especially if they didn’t vote, or didn’t make any real efforts to get out in their communities to ensure that others were registered to vote, had transportation to get to the poles, and made sure people even understood how important it was for them to vote. If you weren’t one of these people who didn’t sleep during election time, because your goal was to get as many people out to the poles to vote then your ass doesn’t get to express your opinion. You people are the prime examples of “Black people tearing black people down without a cause”.

Tell us, What have YOU done for this country? Are you positioning yourself to take Obama’s place since he did such an awful job of overseeing this country? Since you can’t think of not one thing he’s done for blacks, and since he’s “Such a liar” what have YOU done for the country? So, you’v never lied before? What does any of your “Hate” against Obama has to do with anything that’s going on now? Like I said, NO ONE is to blame for how this world is-Everything has a purpose, and everything is meant to be. Whatever has happened, that which is happening today, and that which will happen tomorrow IS MEANT TO BE!!! And, NO ONE can change it-Everything was systematically designed to take place before any of us was even born, and I believe that with all my heart.

The reason I decided to write this blog wasn’t because of the negative comments made about Obama, but because of a comment someone replied. I was called ignorant for thinking what I thought, and I quote,  “There is no creator”, which is what this guy said to me-and my question to him was, “Well, who created us? I  mean, people who actually believe this, I truly would like for someone to explain to me, how’d we get here? How do you explain anything that was “created” that wasn’t man made if there’s no “creator”? Of course, this just opened a door to an entirely different conversation, which…I didn’t even bother to engage in. I know, I know! I never walk away from a good debate, but this time I just didn’t feel the need, because he obviously don’r believe in God, and I DO, therefore there’s really nothing to talk about.

Now, for those of you who didn’t see the original post, and who missed the conversation on Facebook, I took the liberty of gathering a few screenshots of the conversation. You’ll see the shots fired at Obama, and the shot fired at me. No worries, they all missed their targets, because Obama, and I are alive, and well, and we will both continue to put forth our efforts to make a positive difference in the world instead of sitting on the sidelines judging, and pointing out everything that someone wasn’t able to accomplish.

Original post that started it all

My comment, and the reply that “I’m Ignorant”

Someone who actually agrees with me-I’m not alone!

More negative shots fired at Obama-“Those Black People”











Now, if you want to read more of the comments in regards to “Obama putting Lybia into slavery” you can simply search for “Shaka Shakur” on Facebook. This is where the original post, and conversation took place.

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  1. Von Blessed

    December 6, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    He did when he killed Gaddafi whether he knew it or not. Libya hasn’t been under govt control since he died leaving the citizens free range to do what they please with no consequences.

  2. Ms. Ross

    December 6, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    IT doesn’t matter to me what Obama, or the Clinton’s intentions are/were. My point is that GOD gives everyone the sense of GOOD, and EVIL just because certain people do WRONG shouldn’t be a reason to justify everyone else’s wrongs. That’s what’s wrong with people, always looking for something, or someone to blame for their own actions. So, what if they are wolves in sheep clothing so that gives people the right to be no better than them when they too commit acts, and crimes of HATE, EVIL, and WICKEDNESS. I don’t care how bad the Clinton/Obama’s were It’s not enough reason to make me break the law, and do unrighteous things.

  3. Marvin Lewis

    December 6, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Libya was getting ready to introduce an African currency that would have made the dollar obsolete. His only fault was his fight for African independence from the US, China and European colonists that are raping Africa. Obama knew this. If you destroy a countries government and military chaos will ensue. Its shameful that he did this to our brothers and sisters. Look how he addressed issues in every group but black people. Mexican amnesty. Womens fair pay act. Homosexual rights but he wouldnt even address police brutality. Why wouldnt you hold him accountable? Gaddafi never committed a crime. His country was booming. Free healthcare. Low unemployment. Great schooling. All gone because of Obama and now the people are being sold as slaves. Black Americans feel like they are teflon don and they feel this way while black genocide is being practiced in America on us especially while we have a racist President who is at odds with black America. Anything is possible these days. I just find it shocking for a president who did nothing for black America for 8 years somehow still have their hearts.

    • Doris Flewellen

      Doris Flewellen

      December 6, 2017 at 10:23 pm

      I understand what you’re saying, but you’re still missing my point. His actions DID NOT have to result in the type of reaction THEY CHOSE . I’m just going to have to agree to disagree with you on this, because I’m not concerned at all with what he did, THEY are still accountable for their own actions. THEY are more to blame than he is.

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