Branding your own ebook business

How to start and brand your own ebook business online and make a living

Starting your own ebook business is one of the best online business ideas that’s sure to turn profits. The reason this business is easier than any other online business out there is, because it’s simply the “selling of information”. Basically, whatever your  passions and areas of expertise, you can make an honest living providing it to the masses. Whether it’s business coaching, music industry related, fashion industry related, beauty related, nutrition, fitness, digital art, writing, or stand up comedy, there are people out there who value your knowledge and want to learn more. One of the simplest and most effective ways to turn your passions into a business and monetize your skills is by selling eBooks.

The steps to starting an ebook business on your own

Step 1: YOU Create your eBook

Step 2: YOU Format your eBook

Step 3: YOU Proof reading

Step 4: YOU Get a cover that sells your eBook

Step 5: YOU Convert your eBook

Step 6: YOU Add your eBook to a website

Step 7: YOU Promote your eBook

Step 8: Keep track of your sales

The steps to starting an ebook business with our help

Step 1: WE create and write your eBook

Step 2: WE Format your eBook

Step 3: WE Proofread your ebook

Step 4: WE provide a cover that sells your eBook

Step 5: WE Convert your eBook

Step 6: WE Add your eBook to our website

Step 7: WE Promote your eBook on our website

Step 8: YOU Keep track of your sales

This series of ebook we provide are fitness and health

What are the steps to selling my product?

  • Step 1. Create a blog, website, or simply sell your e-book on MRR’s platform (wordpress,, isharehosting or Hostgator )
  • Step 2. Re-design your e-book cover to fit your brand name (see sample brand names Here & Here)
  • Step 3. Set-up a payment gateway to receive your profits (See paypal , Stripe , or woocommerce )
  • Step 4. Promote your ebook products on social media (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ad’s, and Twitter)
  • Step 5. Create Facebook, and Instagram pages for your brand, and invite friends to “Like” your page(Post! Post! Post!)
  • Step 6. Market your product using blogs, articles, and local directories
  • Step 7. Promote your product off-line on T-shirts, Flyers, and Business cards  (Try Vistaprint, and Fiverr )
  • Step 8. Promote your product on local radio, podcast stations, and local cable T.V. (Set a monthly budget)
  • Step 9. Hold weekly, and monthly contests, and giveaway product as a prize (set prize quantity)
  • Step 10. Invest in product vehicle wrap, step n repeat, and promotional tent (Optional)
  • Step 11. Attend free local events, become a local sponsor for brand awareness, or join a community/Club
  • Step 12. Hire a video spokesperson, or professional to represent your product (
  • Step 13. Create an affiliate program to increase sales, and reach a larger market (Search Affiliate programs)
  • Step 14. Advertise your product using banner ads on popular websites, and blogs
  • Step 15. Hire popular bloggers, and podcasters to mention your product on their blogs, and show)
  • Step 16. Create youtube video reviews, and testimonials

Who can purchase this series?

  • Anyone interested in starting their own online business.
  • Anyone who want to quit their day job, and make their own money.
  • Anyone who want to jump start a profitable business.
  • Anyone who want to take their business to the next level.
  • Anyone who wants a proven long-term growth strategy.
  • Anyone who want to build an empire of wealth.
  • Anyone who want to make money while they sleep.
  • Anyone who wants to be their own boss, and call the shots.
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