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Central Florida Designer Slays the Fashion Industry

BBW’s are definitely Winning!!! The one we love to admire is one of  Central Florida’s (Brevard County) most sought after Fashion designers, Ms. Kida Kodak Harvey. She’s fashionably gorgeous, stylish, and full of creative design, and she’s on the rise. Kicking down the fashion industry’s doors, she’s not asking for a hand in this business, she’s taking her place along with limitless fashion styles that sets a new bar for class, sexy, and sophistication.

Women are always on the lookout for sexy new styles, and designs that no one else is wearing, and it’s not that hard to find those designs since designs by Kida can’t be replicated-Well, they can be, she just doesn’t do it! That’s right, this is one designer that ensures her clients that they’ll never have to worry about walking in a room, and seeing someone else wearing the same thing. Kida’s styles all bear a slightly different piece, fabric, style, or curve that distinguishes it as it’s one apart from the rest. Devoted to designing the best brand of fashion inner city boutiques have ever seen, and one that Hollywood can’t resist.  Enter into the world of Vision Stylez Designs, an elegantly urban-designed fashion line founded by a small town fashion guru with a Hollywood dream.

Prior to launching Vision Stylez, founder and CEO Kida Harvey was a CNA, she made the decision to hang up her scrubs to focus full-time on her lifelong dream. So, like an smart entrepreneur would do, she took out her fabrics, and sowing machine, set up shop, and went to work; she also studied in fashion to focus on the psychology of the fashion industry. She’s now utilizing her insights, and applying her creative mind to red carpets, social media tags, and, soon, in your closet. Granted, yes, her labels do fall into splurge territory.

It’s no surprise why models jump at the opportunity to wear her brand, she knows how to dress a lady, bring sexy back at any age, and earns BBW’s  their rights to “Slay” the fashion industry. Ms. Kodi herself is eye candy, have you seen her? One look, and you immediately know she’s somehow, some way tied into the fashion world. She did not get into this business to play.  With a display of custom designed styles to fit all shapes, and  sizes, Ms. Kodak (No Black) is a fashion designing beast with her sights set on New York fashion week. We won’t be surprised when she gets there, we just hope we get an exclusive(;

Check out a few of her designs, and don’t tell us she didn’t do that! Yasssss!!! Ms. Ross is next to come through in a few of Ms. Kida’s custom designs, and I can’t wait.


We’re all about giving credit where it’s due, and Kida Kodak Harvey definitely deserves credit for how her clients  come through, and when we say “Come through” we mean SLAY baby! Just take a look at some of Ms. Kodi’s designs, and you’ll “See” why she’s our favorite Indie Fashion Designer!!! Not only is she the sexiest, most confident, and classiest fashion designer on the market, she’s the Realest!!!

Follow her on Instagram  @Kodak_noblack & Facebook @KidaKodiHarvey

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