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Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can I sell my e-book for a different price?

No. As an unofficial franchise CSSC business owner you're required to sell your e-book at the market listed price. You're also only permitted to use the CSSC branded banners, headers, and websites to promote, market, and advertise your business.

2. Can I have my picture put on the headers, and promotional materials?

Yes. You may replace any images on the CSSC flyers, headers, and banners to display your own.

 3. Do you set the business up for me?

Yes. We provide you with a CSSC business Kit that provides you with the information you need to launch your business.

 4. How do my customers receive their download?

You must email your customers their e-book, or set up an instant download option. (See Quick Links for options)

5. How I do I receive my money? 

To receive your money from your customers we recommend using the Cash App to secure instant receipt, or using paypal.

6. Can I still be a distributor?

No. As a CSSC business owner you're not eligible to become a CSSC distributor.






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