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Educators say college is a scam

The idea of “Getting a college education” isn’t built on the principle of that education actually benefiting the student at all. It seems as though the education system was simply, and solely designed to benefit those who initially designed it to build a multi-billion dollar empire off the backs of hopefuls. Any smart kid told that IF they had an “Education/Degree” they too could earn six figures a year easily wouldn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity to obtain an education right? I mean we all want to “Live the American Dream”, But, at what cost? Have we just been sold a dream?

They say, “Get an Education”, it is essential to your future. It is imperative that it is obtained, so important that if you don’t have a “College” education you won’t be able to secure a “Good” job, those jobs earning between 45,000-100,00 a year. It sounds good, but I find the requirements to be contradicting to ones abilities, and skills to perform a job without having a degree, education, or training. There are thousands of people who simply possess a skill to perform certain tasks whom have never obtained a degree for that field, in rare cases some don’t even have a high school “education” at all, but they have the experience. So, if someone has the ability to perform a task correctly without a degree, or an education, why are they considered to be less qualified for the job than a person who has a degree, education, and no training, or experience? It baffles me that anyone would have to think about this? Common sense tells you that the person with “years of experience” is more qualified than a person that holds a degree, or basic level of training. A degree doesn’t prove you know what the hell you are doing. I’ve seen this in so many cases. People have all these degrees, but have no business being in the field that they’re in, because they aren’t qualified.

“The only credential that should be a requirement that qualifies anyone for a job, should be their experience to perform the job”

This theory, or idea that applicants that obtain a “degree” are more qualified than applicants with “years of experience” further proves my point about the education system, and the design of the government as a whole. Of course, I believe that the “system” was specifically designed to target certain demographics in efforts to keep them suppressed. (That is a topic for another article, in which I will address at a later date). Anyways, I’d love to come face-to-face with the “geniuses” that came up with this idea. Why would anyone in their right minds believe this, even more disturbing, why do employers hire based upon this. Seriously think about this for a minute…If you were an employer, and you needed a candidate to satisfy a job description, why would you choose the applicant with no experience based upon his/her credentials that only represent his potential to satisfy the job over the applicant with a proven track record/history of experience to satisfy the job? The applican that holds the degree only tells you that he/she has “studied” this field of business, but the applicant with “track record” proves that he/she has a history of “experience” to satisfy the job. Clearly the “Experienced” candidate should be the applicant selected, but in many cases “experience” doesn’t get you the job, smh.

So, why is it that “experience” doesn’t get you the job, but having a “degree” with no experience does? When you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense right? Exactly, I’ve been trying to figure this out for years, and no matter how much I try to give the “system” the benefit of a doubt, I just come right back to my theory, it goes back to that “systematical design”. Statistics prove that lower class/poor people can’t afford a college education, therefore without the income to be able to pay their way through school ensures that they will never obtain a degree which is the most important requirement to get hired. Instead of hiring based on a person’s history/experience they’ve opted to use the “Educational system” as a requirement as an escape goat to hide the fact that the system was initially intended to hold back a certain demographic of individuals-We all know who that demographic is.

According to PBS.ORG’s website, “Low-income students struggle to pay for college, even in a state that still provides help. (Read Article at 

Low-income students struggle to pay for college, even in a state that still provides help.

Despite their claims that “A college degree secures your future”, they know that’s not the case. Although a college education would be an option, and I say option, because it’s not even something a non-experienced person should have to pay for when the internet provides the same studies “Free”. It shouldn’t matter HOW a person learns, or receives information, as long as they obtain the information that is required to perform the job. Unfortunately, since “Hate, and Money are the motives”, we’re made to study areas of business that aren’t related to our area of interest, and we’re not even going to use over half of those studies in our lifetime, unless we change our career interest.

Although college might be the best choice for someone who knows absolutely nothing about their field of interest, it should be an option for someone who has experience in their field of interest. I’m sure some will disagree, but the way I see it, college is a waste of time, and money for an individual with years of experience. Especially, when any job is best satisfied by using problem solving techniques, common sense, and improvising. Why make a person obtain a degree in an area of business in which they already have 5-30 years of experience?

I have never had to use any of my high school studies in my adult life. The only studies I can say I’ve actually used are “reading, and general math” studies. Now that I’m forced to attend college, and I say “Forced”, because I do not believe college is necessary. I see a ton of credits required to obtain my degree in areas of studies that #1. I’ve already completed, learned, and passed in Elementary and  high school, therefore shouldn’t be a requirement. If you need a high school diploma to enter into college, why on God’s green earth are we required to take high school courses over again? Yeah, Yeah someone might argue that, it’s sharpening our skills, or teaching us what we probably have forgotten, but I’d rather you let me be the judge as to what I remember rather than forcing me to retake classes I’ve already taken.

Take my program for Example, I’m currently studying Mass Communication/Journalism, not because I want to, but because “The system” says it’s the only way I’ll get a job in my field of interest, which is Radio/T.V. broadcasting. Now, most of us can argue that statement simply because most jobs have been obtained by “Who we know, and not What we know”. Now, the only areas of study I should be required to take are the areas of study that I have no knowledge, but that should still be my choice.  If a person is sure that their capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of a job, who’s arguing they can’t when their track record proves they can?

If I had to devise a better plan, I’d suggest that all of the non-related studies be an “Extra credit” option to students instead of a requirement. Eliminating courses that aren’t closely necessary, or related to an area of study lessens the time spent in school, which allows students to save money, therefore lowering, and or eliminating student loan debts, and providing students a faster way to enter into the workforce. This would also contribute to faster economic growth. You might disagree, but I think I might be on to something.

Bottom Line: The best candidates for any job, are those applicants with experience. These individuals should be considered “The best candidates for the job”, and the first to consider. All other applicants with degrees should be the next potential candidates for the job, and the applicants with a little bit of training, and no degree the next potentials, and so on, and so on.

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