Black people being sold as slaves in Libya

The shock heard around the world-African migrants are literally being sold as “Slaves” in Libya. To say this is an outrage is an understatement, this is down right despicable. Why? How could something like this go on, and go on for so long without anyone noticing a thing? Something just doesn’t add up. We’ve watched videos surface of officials claiming to be outraged, and demanding that the ones responsible be immediately brought to justice, but did these officials really not know what was going on in Libya? I mean, it’s obvious why the “little people” (The rest of the world) wouldn’t have knowledge of this, but come on, you mean to tell us that not one government, united Nations, or even one of the president’s officials knew nothing of this grave offense to human life?


It’s truly hard for me to believe that everyone found out about this at the same time. Isn’t the president alarmed of things of this nature? Isn’t he the first person authorities would contact even if it was rumored to be going on? So, now that it’s taken on a life of it’s own, but not due to the immediate actions of any authority of higher power, but because of the screams, and protests of celebrities such as rapper T.I., Cardi B, David Banner, and local officials who have begged everyone to take part in sharing this news across social media. It Worked! Now, it’s being talked about around the world, and finally has been televised.

“Most of the black people that are being traded in Libya are from Nigeria, there all trying to make there way to Europe for a better life BC their states are poor and have no jobs BC they have no government. On they’re way to Europe there being captured by Libya soliders and either being put into detention camps to die or sold as slaves”

– Will Jackmon, Tulsa, Oklahoma


So, now that we know for a fact that “There are Slave Markets in Libya”, who is to blame for the organization of these markets. Sadly, this has been going on for quite sometime.  Apparently, this situation is due to the crisis of Libya’s northern coast being a jumping off point for migrants trying to reach Europe. According to BuzzFeed News, “The situation began to worsen in 2011, when the then-government was toppled by rebel forces — igniting a period of chaos and unsteady rule.  Following the collapse of former Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi’s regime, with the help of the US and other NATO countries, the country has yet to rebuild. There are several competing alliances claiming to be the legitimate government and extremists are finding plenty of space to set up camp. That same lawlessness has also made it an ideal staging ground for refugees and migrants from across the continent to try to reach Europe”.

This has sadly led to the situation where over 700,000 migrants are trapped in Libya, unwilling or unable to return to their home countries, many being held inside detention centers where inhumane treatment is the norm as seen in recent photos that have surfaced on the internet.

In April, allegations of slave type conditions had been discovered by the international organization for migration. We can’t even imagine the types of abuse, and treatments migrants  have suffered in places that have been unknown. We know that migrants had been kidnapped while in transit, some tortured, extorted for money, and forced to perform labor. This is unbelievable! Modern day slavery in this world, this day, and time is horrendous.

South African President Jacob Zuma has condemned the “scourge of modern day slavery” in Libya, and has called on world leaders to help the Libyan government end the tragedy- “We need to act decisively and support the Libyan Government of National Accord to address this human tragedy and eradicate the scourge of modern day slavery, exploitation and forced labour, currently unfolding in front of our eyes,” Zuma said in his speech at the 5th African Union-European Union Summit attended by leaders from the two continents.

We can’t even describe how disgusted we are of this news, and now so is the world, as it should be, because this should not be happening, period. We urge you to get involved, protest, join forces with any organization in your area to help “STOP SLAVERY IN LIBYA”. Continue to share posts, videos, and latest updates to this matter in efforts to put an end to it all for good.

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