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Get In on Online Profits From The Pandemic Effect: Online Sales Are Increasing During Covid

The economy is struggling to rebound while Covid numbers continue to climb. Here’s one easy way you can still start an online business, and build residual wealth to help you sustain through the pandemic.

Online Businesses are Increasingly Profiting during the Pandemic: Now is the Time to Get In On The Action, and Start Your Own Online Business.  

The past few months have been devastating. Even if you weren’t directly hit with the tragic loss of someone close to you, you probably have been hit with the loss of a job, had to close your business, or know of someone who was forced out-of-business. However you’ve been effected, your finances have been impacted in some way.

As a result, you may be frantic to find new ways to generate some form of  income to hold you over until things get back to normal. Despite mass hysteria, your fears, and a sense hopelessness, there’s actually plenty of ways to make money during this current pandemic — Things are not as bad as they appear.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who hasn’t been affected, you could  still use this information to your advantage, and take the extra money to pay down your past debts or put it all into an emergency savings account just in case an unexpected second pandemic wave occurs.

 Capitalize on online businesses boosted by the current pandemic.

During the early days of the pandemic, off-line business owners who hadn’t jumped on the online circuit were struggling to keep their doors open. Despite their local presence, and popularity the pandemic proved to be undefeated. While many businesses were mandated to close down, those businesses that have maintained a partial online presence started to see an increase in their online sales even though locally their businesses were closed.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed online shopping behaviors, according to a survey of about 3,700 consumers in nine emerging and developed economies. Following the pandemic, more than half of the survey’s respondents now shop online more frequently and rely on the internet more for news, health-related information and digital entertainment.

Consumers in emerging economies have made the greatest shift to online shopping, the survey shows.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world. The changes we make now will have lasting effects as the world economy begins to recover,” said UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi.

He said the acceleration of online shopping globally underscores the urgency of ensuring all countries can seize the opportunities offered by digitalization as the world moves from pandemic response to recovery.”

Fortunately, the ship hasn’t sailed on some of these new business ventures. Case in point: Womsga, an online search directory that caters to local small businesses franchised it’s company specifically to allow anyone seeking to generate an income the opportunity to capitalize from it’s business model, and services.

This opportunity is an in-demand business that you could launch that doesn’t require it’s new business owners to actually manage, or operate their new business. It’s truly a remarkable, and brilliant idea that no other company provides.

“The challenge is convincing people that this business model isn’t an MLM company, Pyramid Scheme, or some type of scam. People have become skeptical of real opportunities due to false advertisements, and misleading “Money making- Stay-at-Home” job opportunities they’re quick to write off any likeness of the same without any interest of research resulting in poor judgement, and ultimately causing them to miss out on real legitimate opportunities.” said FOUNDER/CEO-Doris Flewellen.

Although “It takes Money To Make Money”, there’s only bone option that requires an initial investment, but it’s worth it. The financial options this company provides doesn’t make investing any money mandatory. The options to capitalize from this company is more than reasonable, the options include:

  • Franchise Owner. This option allows you to invest in a license to franchise the company so you can resell their services, and keep 100% of your profits. The license also gives you the legal right to use the company’s entire business model, including marketing materials. You’re even provided a free operations guide to show you exactly how to structure your company, and you’re provided a legal “Franchise Disclosure Agreement” between you, and the company that protects your investment. Currently, the company also doesn’t charge franchise owners any monthly franchise fees.
  • Franchise Affiliate. This option allows you to capitalize from the company even if you don’t have the upfront money to invest in being a franchise owner.  You earn 20% of the profits from each franchise investment you encourage. For example, if someone you refer invests $10,000 you get 20%. This option costs you nothing, because It’s free to sign-up.  As a “Franchise Affiliate” your target clientele are people interested in starting their own online business, and owning their own franchise. Investors, anyone with an interest in investing money to make more money.
  • Directory Affiliate. This option also allows you to make money from the company even if you don’t have the start-up investment to own a franchise. With this option, it’s similar to the franchise affiliate option, except you earn 40% for each directory membership sell you encourage. As a “Directory Affiliate” your targeted clients are local small business owners. Businesses located in shopping plazas, flea markets, malls, executive suites, or homebased. Your goal is to get these businesses to purhase a membership to list their business in the company’s business directory.

The easiest way to get in on online profits is to invest in a franchise. You can start a fully functioning online company without having to operate the Business. This simple new business model is helping 1000s of people start their own business and make the money they want to make online without having to manage, or operate their business.
This proven system allows you to…
  • Start your own business with a minimum investment of just $100
  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Pay NO fees, or monthly dues
  • Eliminate overhead debt
  • Own a business without having to manage, or operate the business
  • Help local small businesses get the word out about their business

Click here to Download our FREE Franchise Guide and Operations Manual
Start your own online business, Become a Womsga Franchise Business Owner, Impress your family and friends with the great news that you’re a successful “Franchise Owner”.

This is the only Business in the world that will allow ANYONE, regardless of experience to spend 1-2 hours a day or less online, and on Social Media and Build Wealth.


In fact…
If you’re wasting your time, money and energy on the opposite of any of the things we’ve listed, this business venture is THE game-changer for you. The business model was specifically designed to present a business-in-a-box to anyone eager to start their own business. (Even with no prior management, business experience, or business knowledge)
Don’t Miss Out On The Best Business Opportunity In the History of Online Business Operations!
While 95% of ordinary people pass up real opportunities to make some real money, a handful of smart ones have taken control over their finances by investing in business models that simply make sense, and are paying themselves. All of these people were skeptical, and hesitant just like you probably are right now, but…somewhere along the line they were convinced to simply do the math before doubting that the business model worked.

Every single successful franchise owner knows that a good business model focuses on profit projections and targeting actual potential customers. If you follow the operations guide, you’ll maintain structure, gain customers, and make sales, it’s as simple as that.


This is the easiest way to invest in a franchise, and start your own business.
It takes the traditional way of franchising to a whole different level. It allows you to own a franchise without paying any franchise fees, or having any obligations to manage and operate the business. Your Investment and business start-up efforts are at ease and highly profitable.
Womsga would love to welcome you to their Franchise Community. Whether you work your business-from-home, Hire Employees, open your own office, or operate your own call center with a full staff of salespeople, this company can help you make your business ownership dreams a reality.

If You’re Serious About Making Some Real Money During The Pandemic, and Want To Take Advantage Of The Pandemic Effect, and Start Your Own Online Business, Click Here To Invest In This Opportunity, and Instantly Become A Womsga Franchise Owner! 

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