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Hiding that your business is black-owned turns profits

As a black-owned business owner your chances of success are very limited, but erasing any clues that your business is black gives you a better chance of profiting. This means leaving no trace of you anywhere on your website, including no images of you, or your family. It’s best to give potential customers the impression that your business is a franchise; taking on a lower level title of the company like giving yourself a position in the company as the manager, or even director of sales, and hiring a white person as a representative to conduct interviews, and assembling a white sales team.  Some entrepreneurs have seen millions in revenue due to this shameless tactic to appeal to white consumers, because white people are more likely to do business with white people, and sadly, black people do the same.

Shedding light that you are the business owner had become an increasing concern, because white customers believe that a black presence means your services, and products are solely for black customers. It’s hard to sell a product to a white person when you’re black partly due to the racial biases that divide this country. Furthermore, the fact that racial divides have been on the rise since Trump came into office makes it even more harder to sell a diverse product to an outside race. Many white consumers won’t buy from you just because you’re “black”, and vice versa. The fact that this is out reality makes even more sense as to why black-owned business owners should simply not mention themselves as owners, or even part owners of a business nowadays.

If you’re black, stay in the back!

The idea of starting a business is to grow it, and make a lot of money from it; and if stepping down from ownership on the surface is going to make these two things happen then you do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, this is the way it is in modern day society. Not too many business owners are comfortable with disclosing ownership of their own companies, because it seems as if, as soon as you say it’s black owned, white people think it’s a business that only serves black people, and black people won’t trust that your products, or services are quality, or professional; or they’ll simply hate on the idea altogether.

Many black-owned businesses recommend hiring a “white face” to promote, advertise, and market your products, and services. It’s very unfortunate, but black-owned business owners strongly feel that if they want to appeal to angel investors, or venture capitalist they’re company can’t be just black. Some “Pro-black” business owners view this decision as selling out, but many see it simply as a way to survive in a new “Racist” america. What’s really happening here continues to be that one elephant in the room that America continues to deny, and it’s that “Racism do exist”. This is the only reason black-owned businesses feel they have no other option for survival.

When starting a business, as a “black” owner, you have a higher success rate of profiting, and building an empire of wealth if you not mention that you’re the owner. It’s recommended that you wait until your business reaches the 1 million profit margin before letting the public in on the fact that your business is black-owned. Many black-owned businesses have seen a significant increase in profits from grossing 1-6 million in revenue over the course of 3-9 years.

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