Mind your own damn business

This is a subject that gets under my skin almost every time I see it happening, and no matter how many memes we see about it, or how many times we might say it, people just don’t get it, smh. What is so hard with understanding the concept of “Minding your own business”, in modern day terms “staying in your own lane”? What’s there to understand? The saying says it all, but why can’t people do just that? Like seriously, what does it do for you, how are you benefiting from it, and how is it effecting your life to always be concerned, consumed, and involved in other people’s affairs?

Unless you’re a professional blogger of news worth people’s time, and attention, which I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that we even make time to listen, and read about other people’s problems, but I guess we all don’t have that much business about ourselves, and we do have time to sit around, and “Gossip”. Well, at least some of you will take time out specifically for the matter, because it’s that important to you, but Why?

I get it, I get it! It’s entertaining, it allows you to pass the time away, it does something to you, or it just makes you feel good to talk about others, and judge them, but let me explain something to you guys…unless how people are living, what they are doing, and how they choose to act, or carry themselves  is causing you harm, or effecting you in a negative way you really shouldn’t have no concern about whatever it is they’re doing, because #1 it doesn’t concern you, and #2 it’s not effecting you in any way.  It’s not hard to just act like you don’t see, or hear it, and keep it moving, trot on along, do something productive, whatever you’re doing just make sure you’re doing it while “Minding your own damn business”.


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