Karma is a Bitch

What is Karma's Revenge?

While seeking "revenge" isn't exactly how "Karma" normally operate. More and More people are taking the "revengeful" route rather than wait patiently for "Karma" to show up. Karma's Revenge is a more subtle approach to "An eye for an eye".

What is included?

Unlike the normal "revenge" tactics, we provide a more subtle approach by helping you seek revenge anonymously. While you might not have the nerve to expose the truth, out someone, or reveal a secret that someone needs to know, we do it for you.

Thousands of Users a Day

With over 1,000 users visiting our site a day, Karma's Revenge is the most anonynmous revenge site online, and the #1 go-to choice for getting even. Can't rest until the truth has been exposed? Let us do the dirty work for you, Get Started!

It's very simple. Start by telling us who you want us to contact, and spill the tea. Then submit payment, and within a few minutes your request will be processed.

Step 1. Tell Us Who To Tell

Complete the form below, and tell us who you'd like us to revenge. The info collected is for the person you wish us to contact.

Step 2. Tell What you know

Click on the "Seek Revenge" button to submit your request. Your request will be processed upon payment.

Step 3. Wait For An update

Receive an email confirmation via the email you provided to receive delivery notice, and updates.

What's your revenge Message?

This can also be an Alias
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Used by thousands every 3 seconds

We've developed a way to allow users to seek revenge on anyone they feel has wronged them. Users can use us to contact their lovers mates, and spouses to out their affairs, let their bosses in on co-worker antics, or even confess a secret someone needs to know.

Private and Anonymous

Your use of our services will never be shared, or exposed. No one will ever know that it was you, not even the person you are contacting will know the information is from you. We deliver all messages via a secure, and anonymous emails, text messages, and social media messages.

Safe and Non-Violent

We provide a non-violent and non-threatening alternative to confrontation. Our services allows users to take revenge a virtual way that's verbal, and a less physical approach. The anonymous approach eliminates physical off-line altercations, but also protects our users identities.

What are people saying?

"It felt really good to get that off my chest, and I'm so glad this service is here. I'll definitely be using you again if i feel like it".

"I was so nervous at first, but once you assured me nothing would trace back to me I felt a little better about it, Thank you".

"I'm not a bad person, but it feels really good to expose someone who deserves it, I feel much better about the situation now".

Get Karma Revenge

"I do believe in karma, and I usually like letting things happen on their own, but I just couldn't let this one go this time".

"Karma revenge is a very satisfying experience, I was able to vent, and expose the truth without judgement, and it felt good".

"I'd definitely recommend this service to anyone, sometimes you just need to get things out in the open in order to move on"

Experience the Satisfaction

"I like it, not something i would normally do, but it beats getting into shouting matches, and things getting out of hand".

"Telling the truth did give me some sort of satisfaction knowing everything was out whether it changed the situation, or not".

"Well, i really didn't think i'd get any satisfaction out of this service, but it did give me some sense of peace, and I do feel better"

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