Local business puts a modern day spin on health

Epic Nutrition Cafe

The problem with eating right and maintaining a healthy diet isn’t the health food facts at all-,eating healthy wouldn’t be a problem if the product didn’t taste so bad, right? I mean, If you’re in your 30’s, or already in your 40’s, better health, nutrition, and fitness is the goal- you want to look, and feel your best, but you don’t want to have to stomach crap to achieve it. It seems impossible to find a nutritional health food that does all that it promotes, AND actually taste great! Besides that, it’s hard to stay motivated when you try one health food product after another, and they all suck, smh…so you simply give up, and go back to that good ole “unhealthy, killing you slowly” processed foods, why?… because let’s face it, taste damn GOOD!!! It’s a thin line between good health and bad health, and over half of us are border line, smh. Before you settleback on taking your chances with that  tempting “suicidal food” we all love to eat, let me tell you a true story…

So, I’m out and about running a few errands, and simply enjoying the South Florida climate, which makes bill paying so much more worth it, and as I’m walking across the parking lot to my car after completing my last task of the day I’m cautiously approached by a very mild mannered, and well-groomed young man who politely and very respectfully approached me, and briefly asked if he could hand me a coupon for a free smoothie- “Excuse me Ma’am, can I offer you a coupon for a free smoothie” is all he said, but In just 13 words he had me at “Smoothie”.  I accepted the coupon, and he was gone, just like that, almost like a Clark Kent turned super man off to save the world with “Free Smoothies”, lol… Anyways, I’m not the one to pass up a “free” opportunity, and if you knew me, you’d know that I LOOOVE smoothies, so of course after a long day of bill paying I felt I deserved it, therefore it was only right that I allowed this gentleman to treat me to one

The card read, “FREE SMOOTHIE COUPON, EPIC Nutrition” 12566 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027, which was all the information I needed to soon have that smoothie. Despite the beautiful atmosphere of the city of Pembroke Pines, it was Hot!, and a smoothie sounded like just the kinda drink I needed to cool me down. Without any hesitation, I headed straight for the smoothie shop.  As I walked in, I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome from a friendly staff, there were already several customers sitting at the bar, and a few more standing around waiting to be served. It didn’t take me long to figure out that this smoothie shop was all about nutrition.  As I waited to be served, I further observed the medium to large space that fulfilled it’s purpose. A tropical environment with a modern design. I had the pleasure of enjoying the sounds of smooth reggae that played over the sound system.  As I sat on the  chocolate Ohana styled wicker furniture with cream and lime colored decor I noticed a wall canvas of nutritional success testimonials, before & after pictures, and real life weight loss stories-very impressive.


5 minutes later…I was handed a “tea”, which surprised me, because I was there for a “smoothie”. The tea was an added “free” coupon bonus (Awesome right?, That;s what I said!). I was told that it was “Herbal Tea Concentrate” containing caffeine, which jump-starts your metabolism and provides a boost to help you feel revitalized, which probably explains why I’m still up at midnight writing this blog article (I feel rejuvenated, not sleepy at all, smh). Anyways, with all the nutritional facts that was provided to me you’d think this was going to be an awful experience right?..Wrong.. It was Good!!! I actually enjoyed it. After I finished my sample of tea, my smoothie was ready. I chose the “Cookies & Cream and protein mix” smoothie, and when I tell you it was DELISH!!! You wouldn’t believe that it contained all the nutritional ingredients in it, because it is that GOOD!!!. This is a health food drink you’d  enjoy, which would make it that much more easier for you to stick with it, because it actually taste great, not like those health food drinks that you’d have to hold your nose just to swallow.

I’m without a doubt going back, and have found a new spot. After briefly speaking with the owner, I grabbed what was left of my smoothie, and began to leave when the staff informed me that they also offer a “Fit Camp” program to further help visitors and customers reach their physical fitness  goals. It doesn’t get any better than that, a smoothie shop that not only provides  nutritional snacks, but also offer workouts to ensure it’s customers overall well-being. If you live in the Pembroke pines/Miramar areas, just visiting, or maybe in the area on other matters as I was, I definitely recommend you stop by “Epic Nutrition” for an epic taste of nutrition, tell them “Ms. Ross” sent you.

I did get a short video of my visit today. Take a look on the inside of “Epic Nutrition Cafe”, and the next time you’re in Pembroke Pines go on over, and support your local business, and get you one of those amazing shakes, smoothies, or herbal tea’s.

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