Atlanta band sets the R&B record straight

What in the hell has happened to “R&B Music”? Is the question real music lovers are constantly asking, and one Atlanta based band is hitting the road just to answer that question, and to prove that “Good ole R&B” artist still exist. Now, when music lovers ask the question, their usually referring to Hip-Hop, but some have also questioned the R&B Genre. Music just isn’t recorded how it used to be, at least that’s what I thought until I heard the smooth, sexy, grown & sexy sounds of “Man Among Men” an Atlanta based original band by way of New York–Man Among Men is known for their R&B, Pop,and Alternative Smooth Sounds, and are admired by their fans across the globe. Surely, there will never be another Barry White. But with songs like their title track “Dance for Love” and the seductively lush “Island”, Man Among Men does a fair job of paying homage to the incomparable Maestro of Love. Deep, rich, sexy vocals with love-drenched lyrics take you on a smooth, sensual, rhythmic experience. The rest of the album is equally pleasing with upbeat dance tracks that will leave you breathless and completely satisfied. Man Among Men’s “Dance for Love” … Unique, & unlike any other. A return to Real Music, True Love and Timeless Romance.

Tab Brown, and Cheek Brown, cool collected real life brothers, passionate about their craft, a rare quality among the last of the “Musicians”, smh. While other musicians are busy setting trends, these guys are busy making sure they continue to make “Good Music” regardless of what “New Aged Standards” the music industry has set, and to be honest I think they have a right to. When you have artist as gifted, and talented as these guys, and have continued to express their “Passion” for music soly to please their fans, I think the industry owes them more than just 15 minutes of fame. R&B “Good Music” has come a long way, and we’ve all seen how it has drastically CHANGED, and for what? Greed? Seriously, has the music industry become so THIRSTY that it would sell it’s own artist to the DEVIL? YEP! Well, I can assure you these guys aren’t selling anything, except GOOD, CLEAN, WHOLESOME ole school music.So, If you’re tired of being forced to listen to all this “Meaningless” music that’s poisoning our communities, you might want to take a closer look at these brothers.

(Left) Tab Brown, (Right) Cheek Brown, Currently playing at a venue near you in Atlanta, Georgia. Just look em up, they’re not hard to find. Remember the name “Man Among Men”. Check out their music, and purchase the album at

Back to what I was saying,…Just a few years ago music was the pill to all your frustrations, but NOW it seems music has contributed to your frustrations instead of soothing your pain, smh.   As an artist myself, I hear a lot of people asking me, “What happened to all the real artist? Have they all retired, died, or just can’t sing anymore? When an audience has to question, why music isn’t the same, I think the music industry owes it to them to elaborate. Will they give us an honest, and straight answer, Hum..probably not! Since THEY are the forces behind this “Mainstream” good music extinction. BUT,luckily for you, I’ve found one of few of the “Good Music Makers” out there. So, if you enjoy Good Ole “Old School, Feel Good, Grown Folk” type of Music, I’m proud to introduce to you “Man Among Men”. One of ATL’s finest original, cover bands still standing in this corrupt industry of artistry that has the nerve to disguise itself as “Music”.


WATCH: “Dance For Love” Official Music Video

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