Miami producer Hits the Spot

Boyyyy, the women were “Crushing” hard during my attendance at the “Battle of the Beats” where I had the honor of  interviewing the featured indie artist, and producers who attended. Sponsored, Directed, and Organized by K Crown Miami, and The Crown Miami, The “Battle of the Beats” event is held every Monday night at Dolphin’s Lounge in Miami. Now, everyone knows that I’m always on the look out for new faces, talents, and Bosses to feature on my MCM segment of my Friday morning “Morning Show”, and this week he kinda fell right in my lap.

I must admit, it was hard finding my MCM of the week. I usually have him, or her selected the prior week, or sometimes even weeks in advance, because I’m  always networking, and I come into contact with a lot of potentials. Even though I usually make the final decision as to who I’d like to feature, I didn’t have to make that decision this week, because I had so many women in my DM on social media asking about him, my friends, and even cousins were calling, and texting me about him after I posted my interview with him on IG, and FB…so of course It was a must that he be the MCM of the week.

Now ladies, I don’t know whether he’s in a relationship, situation, or single, because I didn’t ask that question, Sorry, Lol, but he is on IG, and you can follow him to keep close tabs on him to see if it appears that he’s in a relationship, or not. I can tell you that he is as handsome, and charming in person as he appears on camera, and those eyes, smh…Those eyes are mesmerizing…you might not want to look into them too long, or might find yourself in a situation you can’t get out of, Ijs.

Anyways, ladies if you’re seriously interested in doing business with him just show up to his next event, or shoot him over an email at He’s always in, and around the city networking, and looking for new talent. His studio is also always open for business. If you think you have what it takes to put your vocals down on one of his tracks then hit him up. Oh, and don’t forget to tell him “Ms. Ross” referred you. Oh, but let me also say this… My MCM, or WCW aren’t always selected off “Looks”. If you’re a Boss, and your’e about your business, if you’re simply doing some amazing things in your local community, or have an amazing gift, or talent you could land the spot of my MCM,  or WCW. F.Y.I. You can also nominate anyone you feel might meet the criteria. Simply Email me at

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER!!! Each MCM/WCW is selected each month to win prizes, giveaways, and even CASH!!! Winners are determined by the most “Likes”, “Shares”, or “Comments”. So, if you really feel your favorite MCM/WCW deserves to win you need to get the word out, and tell all your friends/fam to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE their article. This applies to the selected features. If you landed the MCM/WCW spot of the week you’re automatically entered to win prizes at the end of the month so SHARE your article, and suggest to your friends/followers/fans to, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, and tell their friends/Followers/Fans to SHARE!!!

Winner will be announced on the 31st of each month, and posted on Facebook, Twitter, IG, and also in the Winners section of MRR Media’s website.

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