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MRR media is looking for new music for lineup

Believe it, or not! Internet radio is winning, and it’s every indie artist’s opportunity to get their songs heard worldwide. Mainstream radio SUCKS! Listeners are getting sick, and tired of tuning into their local radio stations, and hearing the same ole songs, from the same ole artist in the same ole genre. What are they thinking? Do they really believe that “Major” artist are the only artist with talent that people want to hear all the time, smh. Trying to get your songs played on “Mainstream” radio based solely on your song’s population is impossible. Traditional radio stations have sold out to Major record labels who damn near own their asses. If you don’t have the funds to “Pay to Play” your music you can forget it. Even if you have a decent fan base, you’re still most likely to be turned down for “airplay” at a traditional radio station.

Traditional radio stations are very aware that the music they play is meaningless, stupid, and not worth playing, but what can they do when the industry is being pimped by the majors. The Program Directors really have no choice but to play what they are told to play based on the station’s sponsors, and investors, because it’s all “Politics”, and all about “Money”. Everybody has their hand out in the entertainment industry, and they all expect huge payouts. What better way to make a quick million than to heavily saturate our airwaves with music with a catchy beat that doesn’t make any sense. Heck, it’s what the kids of today are buying into, and the head honchos know exactly how to capitalize on it. 

 Internet radio is a very important distribution channel for the music industry and an important advertising channel for marketers. As an independent artist trying to break into the music industry your best bet is to start with “Internet Radio”. Try to get interviewed on popular podcasts every chance you get. Don’t turn down any opportunities that may come your way, big or small, because you never know where your break is going to come. MRR is one of the many most popular internet radio stations in the south providing indie artist the opportunity to have their songs played, and put into rotation. 

 Think your song has what it takes to be put into rotation? Email to: [email protected] (3 songs max) Good Luck!

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