In the past few years, the world has been mesmerized by racy new R&B artist whom have successfully topped the charts and captivated the music scene. One artist that has recently stepped on the scene is American radio personality/singer/songwriter Ms. Ross. With her 2019 single “Learn” which is becoming all the rave in South Florida. On it’s way to becoming the next controversial song since SZA’s “The Weekend”. It too has caused some debate across social media, calling attention from relationship critics, some of whom question Ms. Ross’s character for seeming to praise the idea that she was a “side-chick”, calling the song another “side-chick anthem”. Most reviews saw it as an expression of truth, and admitted to being in similar situations, past, and present, and admires Ms. Ross’s boldness to expose such truth about herself. The song is definitely receiving an enormous amount of attention from female fans, and surprisingly even has grabbed the attention of male audiences. 

“Learn” is categorized more in the mainstream modern r&b direction, even though some of vocals lean more towards the traditional old school classic, and soulful R&B sounds that infuse the track. However, other tracks that accompany “Learn” on her upcoming debut album, such as “Crazy”, “I Like It, I Love It, I Need It”, and “Different Breed”, all incorporate a more  pop/r&b sound more noticeably. The album is set to be released on January 28, 2020. The track features a melody of piano, and guitar tones, and cords sync with modern style soulful R&B singing over a composed beat that comes in around the chorus, which sounds like it could fit into the era of the early 90’s to late 2000’s hits, but doesn’t sound dated, but in fact also fits into the modern day world of R&B. 

The piano tones and key strokes adds a certain elegance to it that sends chills down your spine throughout the song. In the beginning, the piano helps to paint a picture of assurance that Ms. Ross is trying to portray in the song. For instance, in her first verse, “ You had a girl, you gotta girl wasn’t the problem/cause what you had, what you got had nothing to do with me/I let it go cause what I want I couldn’t have it/ but if you played your cards/shared your heart you could’ve had her, and me” she starts by explaining how much she wanted to be with her interest by telling him she was willing to be his “side-chick” if he would’ve just treated her right. She lays out her frustrations about falling in love with a man that didn’t love her.

The second verse, along with the bridge, and ad libs of the song, details Ms. Ross’s complicated, and regretful feelings about compromising her dignity to be with the guy she loves. In the chorus, she sings, “When will I learn, will I ever learn/ don’t fall in love, don’t give my heart to a man that don’t love me”.  She’s sadden that she may never learn anything from her dilemma, and insinuates that this isn’t the first time she’s fallen in love with a man that didn’t want her. Her emotions are further complicated by how much she desires to be with this person despite knowing he doesn’t love her, although his lack of love for her is obvious, at the same time, he expresses a strong, overwhelming desire to be with her,  since he can’t seem to leave her alone. 

On the bridge, Ms. Ross cries a river of emotion, and shines in her soulful vocal performance. She highlights her vulnerability through her singing while her vocals are layered flawlessly on top of each other, making this part of the song that much powerful, and demanding of listening attention, which makes the song stand out in it’s entirety. There is also some repetition with the phrase “if it was me” in the chorus, which serves to shift the listener’s focus to understand that she’s very aware that she’s not the one. 

“Learn” succeeds in demonstrating the amount of emotion, disappointment, and frustration Ms. Ross is able to incorporate into her song, which listeners will quickly see that it is inspired by her experience. The track certainly deserves the amount of attention that SZA’s “The Weekend”, and Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up, and Trip” has received and still receives today. The prohibited truths that Ms. Ross deliberately incorporates into her songwriting and performance is absolutely amazing , there is no doubt this is the next chart topping hit.

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