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New Miami-Based radio station setting the stage for indie music to be heard

MRR Media's Video Producer/ Editor: Renzo

If you think there’s no station for indie artist music–think again! Ms. Ross Radio has set an on-air stage just for independent artist.  Newly arrived, Atlanta based web broadcast MRR Media caters exclusively to “Indie” artist music, and the fans who love them. From R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae, Soca, Jazz, Rock, Gospel, and even Gospel- During The Sunday Morning Praise & Worship segment. MRR Media is headed by “Doris “Ms. Ross” also, an indie artist–with over 20 years in the entertainment industry. From singing, acting, writing songs, and author to several self-help books, Ms. Ross no doubt has what it takes to set these artist up for success.

Surprisingly, MRR Media is solely operated, and managed by indie artist, and students of Miami-Dade College. With a few local sponsors, and affiliates MRR Media is the only internet radio station that only plays “Indie Artist Music” exclusively. “I’m aware of several internet radio stations throughout Atlanta, and Miami, but the one thing that I noticed about them all was that none of them catered exclusively to just “Indie Artist”. I mean, they would have about a 10-15 minute segment where they would highlight indie artist, but their program consisted of heavy rotation of mainstream artist like Drake, Future, Wayne, and Nicki, etc.”–I wanted to challenge myself to develop a station without riding the coat tales of “Major” artist to generate a buzz. I actually believe in the artist that I promote, market, and talk about, therefore I believe that it is their talents that will take my radio station to a higher level, and impact the industry in a way no one ever imagined.


Every “Major” artist was once an “Indie”–Someone believed that they could be where they are today, but it seems those people lost hope for the indies who were left behind, and just focused their attention to the “Major” artist now– That’s where MRR Media comes in”. Indie Artist will be glad to know that MRR Media will provide third-party airplay monitoring reports that will allow major labels to know what songs are being listened to, and how well they are doing. To get the word out about indie artist new music, MRR Media will hosts nights at various establishments throughout Atlanta, and Florida to continue promoting indie artist music.

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