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Parents who stand against the public school system are being blackballed

Damned if a parent do, damned if a parent don’t.  There was a time when parents weren’t as involved in their children’s education, or hardly took an interest in knowing what was going on behind the confinements of their child’s classroom. The public school board urged parents to get involved with their children’s education, and academics. They encouraged parents to join the PTA, become a volunteer of school activities, and simply take time out to assist with their children’s education. This idea that if parents were involved in the educating process there was a better chance that the child would succeed. But, how much involved does the school really want a parent to be? It seems as though there are limitations as to a parent’s involvements, especially when the administrator, or teacher are in question. On one hand, the school system says, ” Do your part, get involved, know what’s going on with your kids”, but when a parent takes an initiative to do just that, it becomes a problem. The administration only want the parents to involve themselves when an issue occurs with their child, but if the issue is with any members of the staff, the parents concerns aren’t even taken into consideration.

As long as all fingers point to the child, and the parent doesn’t dispute the allegations of the child, no one has a problem with parents involvements, but as soon as a parent raise an issue about a teacher, or administrator, and question’s the administrator’s role in any situation, that’s when the parent’s involvement becomes an issue. The parent now poses a threat to the administration. When this happens, it’s like fighting a loosing battle for the parents. The administration almost always automatically side, and protect it’s own, whether right, or wrong. In many cases (on/off the record), the member of the administration is wrong, unprofessional, and clearly unfit to be in the field, but  there’s hardly ever any real disciplinary actions being taken. Not even the slightest consideration for teacher re-evaluation, administrative leave, or any form of action hardly ever occur. Instead, the parent is given two options, in which, neither pose any real concern for the child, but only adds to the danger in which the child will be faced.

One of the options given to parents is 1. Place the child in another classroom, in which doing this makes a child a target with his/her peers of both classrooms. It also makes the child vulnerable to new intimidation, and a threat to the new teacher. The new teacher is either going to handle the child in one, or two ways. #1. He/She could feel pressure to show the child extra attention, which only makes the child feel sorry for them self, or the teacher may feel a sense of resentment toward the parent’s actions, and take it out on the child by secretly picking on the child, not including the child in regular activities, and simply punishing the child anyway they can as retaliation of the parent’s actions. The other option parents are quickly given is to withdraw the child from the school altogether, which could effect the child’s grades, and/or prevent the child from passing on to the next grade. Either option IS NOT in the best interest of the child. These options are clearly in the best interest of the school officials.

So, what is a parent to do when it’s them and, their child against an entire system? What’s the procedure for parents when their back is against the wall, the odds are stacked against them, and they’re being accused as the aggressor, their child is being labeled as a lying problem child, and the teacher and administration are on the same side? The parent doesn’t stand a chance in the defense of their child. The most unethical action against the parent that comes next is “Blackballing”. Parents are almost always blackballed within their child’s school, and even the school board once word has gotten around that the parent raised an issue, and that issue has become a “problem”, and a threat to the administration. When a parent has been “blackballed” within a school system, it’s almost a guarantee that the parent, and the child will suffer the consequences throughout the duration of the school year. Parents can expect the year to be a rocky road.

Are administrators, and teachers not human? Although, they’re trained, and expected to exhibit a level of professionalism, how many of them actually carry themselves in a “professional” manner. They may appear to be professional, but they aren’t being professional. They gossip with each other, talk about each other, and discuss parental matters among their staff that should’ve been kept a private, and confidential. Administrators, teachers, and staff members are involved in the same type of drama being discussed in barber shops, and hair salons. The teacher’s lounge is the gossip corner of the school. This is where the “blackballing”, and backstabbing begins. Whatever issue a staff member of the administration has with a parent, as soon as it’s shared with the other staff members, that issue automatically becomes an issue to the rest of the staff without the parent ever having to say anything to anyone else, or even having to ever meet the rest of the staff. The parent’s “stand” against whatever they opposed of with the administration, makes them an instant target. You better believe that every staff member has been briefed, and warned about the “loud mouth, ghetto, ratchet, and something else” parent. This type of labeling about the parent only causes the unaware members of the staff to already have formed an opinion about the parent.

When a teacher, or staff member has formed an opinion of a parent before ever meeting that parent it raises even more concern for the parent, and threatens the child’s learning abilities, because now the child is in a hostile environment. Many teachers are simply unprofessional, and underhandedly take their frustrations out on a parent’s child. The child is mistreated, singled out, intimidated, and even bullied by their teachers, and administrators, and nothing is being done about it. Administrators insist that it’s the parent, or the child that is the cause for the issue, therefore no actions are ever taken in defense of the parent, or child. Children can not learn in hostile environments, and parents will not trust a system that doesn’t stand with them.

There’s a war going on within the school system– a war between parent’s rights to defend their children against unfair treatment, and the malicious injustices at the hands of the administration that violates those rights. It’s absolutely unethical, but it’s happening everyday, and it seems not one person among the administration is willing to call it out, or speak on it. Something definitely needs to change, and it needs to start from the top. The problem is systematic, and begins within the higher rankings of the school board. Most teachers, and administrators are following protocol, and policy, which is why it’s very imperative that the policies are re-evaluated, and changed. It makes you wonder why such policies were ever devised. The policies that are mandated that school administrators follow appear to be a form of modern day slavery, and it automatically forces it’s officials to impose them.

The system is so well organized that it makes it that much harder to pull the race card. It manipulatively forces all members of the school board (white, or black) to enforce it’s policies, which eliminates anyone’s intention to pull the race card. Oh, the system is slick, and it will do whatever it can, and use whomever it chooses to carry out it’s biased, and racist acts.  If you evaluate the school board’s policies you will find that many of the policies in place don’t support the parent’s concerns, nor are they in the best interest of the child. The policies are simply, unrealistic, which makes you wonder what world does the school board live in. There’s no doubt that school board policies are in place to protect the school board, school officials, and administrators. If we’re all created equal then why are the parents, and children not fairly supported within these policies?

America doesn’t need to be concerned about going to war with other countries when we’re already at war with each other. If times are changing, and the world is rapidly evolving, shouldn’t policy, laws, and rules be changing just as rapidly? It doesn’t make any sense to keep in place a general rule that doesn’t apply especially when circumstances are constantly changing, and situations are specifically different in almost every case. So many parent’s concerns are left unresolved, and this only fuels the frustration with the school system. The lack of real concern, or hope from  teachers and administrators simply adds to that frustration. One parent stated, “These teachers don’t have any hope in our kids more than we do as parents. They’re only in position to get a paycheck, they don’t give a damn about these kids’s education, they don’t take responsibility for their actions, they rather blame the kids, and put everything off on the kids as if they’re innocent. Some of these teachers aren’t right, and they don’t need to be teaching- they’re full of shit! They think just, because they hold the title as teacher, principle, or staff, our kids voices don’t deserve to be heard against theirs. Like, the kids don’t have a right to tell us what’s going on in the classroom, and when they do, the teachers are so quick to call the kids liars, and want the parents to believe their word over our kids. These teachers, the administration, and the public school system are a joke. They just need to throw the whole system away. I myself have lost hope in the public school system. I hate that my boys are caught up in it”. — Rie Rie, Atlanta, Ga.

Don’t be fooled, some teachers play the victim very well. They have society fooled into believing that it’s the parent, the child, or even both parents, and child.  What’s even worse, is that in some cases their counterparts are aware that it’s the teacher, or administrator that’s at fault, but won’t come forward in fear of being blackballed themselves. But, who can blame them? I probably wouldn’t be so quick to speak out against the people I have to see everyday, especially the ones that cut my check. Even if another teacher sided with a parent, and spoke up against another teacher, they’d have hell to pay, because they’d be considered a sell-out, smh. It’s sad that the “street code” is upheld even within an educational system that’s supposed to be designed to educate, and inform children about the dangers of living by any  “code of the streets”. A system can not properly guide, and teach unless it rightfully lead by example, and practice what it preach.



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