Public schools are failing your children

In the turmoil of the shock heard around the world as Donald Trump  is sworn in as the 45th U.S. President-This comes as a huge disappointment, and devastation to the African American communities; Hispanics, Haitians, and non- U.S. citizens world-wide. It’s no secret that the republicans have no real concern for the “Poor”, and largely the African American communities, so who can the minority trust now? It doesn’t seem to matter these days that “The children are our Futures” since Education seems to be one of the many valuables to our children to be effected by the Republican’s so-called cutbacks that are supposed to “Make America Great Again”, but how can America ever be great when the children who are “America’s Future” aren’t given a fair, and fighting chance? Are the intentions  to “Make America” great Again” for ALL Americans, or just the offspring of Republicans? Sadly, the world seems to have lost all hope in our judicial systems, and that same hope is fading for the Educational systems.

The last thing parents want to have to deal with when sending their children off to get an education are teachers that intentionally make it hard for the child to function, adapt, and learn among their peers.  Unfortunately, this is a sad case that many “African Americans” are faced with almost too often. It raises the issue among many parents of the minority as to whether, or not the public school systems are biased, and, or even “Racist” against African Americans/Minorities. This is not in anyway me pulling the race card since these same actions against the African American student are being exhibited even by African American leaders-which raises an even bigger eyebrow as to whether, or not the African American leaderships are acting against their own communities. I sat down with a few parents currently dealing with this issue, and they all agree that it seems that their leaders they entrust to educate, and train, and teach their children have no hope in the children at all. Children of the minority are being treated unfairly by even their own community, and are being railroaded for failure. Ouch! This issue is a pill everyone seems to have a hard time swallowing, but it’s happening.


“The public School Board needs to tighten up, and start training, and staffing teachers fit for the job” It’s bad enough that the issues most minority parents face in the public school systems in regards to their child’s education are racially motivated, but to have to also deal with their own whom are untrained educators who lack patience, compassion, and professionalism can be overwhelming. Many complaints have been filed throughout the public school systems accusing teachers, school patrol officials, and principles emotionally, and even physically abusing students as early as elementary. We’ve all seen the viral videos of some of these officials in the act of emotionally, and physically abusing a child, and it’s unacceptable. This is the last thing a parent should have to worry about when seeing their kids off to school. Could this be the result of shear “Ignorance, or is it Hate? What is the problem? Aren’t teachers trained, informed, and educated on how to resolve conflict, issues, and problems with students, and parents? So, why is this issue becoming more, and more common?  And, why isn’t the school board taking it serious enough to make examples out of these individuals? Parents who have suffered these unfortunate incidents are outraged, but NOTHING is being done about it, the teachers still hold their positions while the child is removed, reassigned, or even expelled, Really? 

 Now, I could give these incidents the benefit of a doubt, and say it’s the result of the  “Cause and Effect” theory”, but are the physical actions against a child by a “trained” official even justifiable?Could it be that the need for teachers, and educators are so great that the hiring process has become that much slack making it that much easier for anyone to apply for a job as “Teacher, Counselor, or Principle?…Could it be that, because teacher’s salaries aren’t that great that the school board has no other choice hence to staff whomever they can get, and not further question these individuals mental state of minds? Is a background check really enough? It doesn’t appear that way, so when will other efforts be put into play? Parents have raised ongoing concern as to why these malicious incidents seem to continue happening, and why no one seem to be held accountable. Removing the child from a classroom where he/she has established relationships with peers, and fellow students isn’t of the best interest of the child, nor is it a resolve for the other students who are left to continue dealing with these teachers.

In many cases, actions have been taken in which the child was removed from the class, or the parent asked to withdraw the child from the school altogether. This is a great inconvenience since many parents are forced to choose schools not on how well they score, but solely based on where that school is located. Unfortunately for many families, mainly single family homes where the child is being raised by a single parent, and/or due to low paying jobs parents are forced to decide on what school their children will attend based on convenience- this is disheartening, but it is true for so many families throughout the country. The fact that a school is in walking distance from the child’s home relieves a little stress, and takes away the  worry, and frustrations of the parent’s concern as to how their child will get to school. When a parent is faced with having to remove their child from a school that conveniently allows their child to get an education it becomes a huge inconvenience that only causes more problems for the family.

 So, why isn’t the school board doing anything about it? One might ask, are they even aware? You’d think the system would be designed to make it easier, and less of an inconvenience for families to continue their children’s education without adding to their already hectic, and frustrating lives. If “the children are our future” then why isn’t the school board, and leaders acting like it? Whelp, this is why it’s so very important for you to vote. If you did vote, and aren’t satisfied with what’s going on in your community then you “Make some noise” stand up, and make a difference.


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