Standards are at an all time low

It doesn’t seem as though relationships have any “Standards”. I’ve heard people say, “Never settle for what you don’t really want” , but then they’ll turn right around and tell you to “Get you an ugly man”, he doesn’t have to have a lot of money he just needs to treat you right, but isn’t THAT also settling? If you know what type of man you want, but you just seem to be having a hard time finding him, WHY would you accept a man you really aren’t in to? Think about this! Choosing to put up with a NO GOOD man that you are attracted to, and putting up with A GOOD man you’re not attractive to is STILL settling. You’re still not going to be completely happy with the GOOD man, because you’re not attracted to him so regardless of whether, or not he/she takes care of you, you’re still dealing with an issue.

Isn’t the point of finding a GOOD man is to be happy? Or, does your “complete” happiness not matter at all if the person is “nicer” to you? If you’re dealing with someone you really don’t want to be with, and you’re just settling for being with that person, because he/she treats you better, but at the same time you’re not really that attracted to him/her don’t you think that would cause problems in the near future? I mean, yeah your attractive boyfriend/girlfriend may not appreciate you as much, or even express how they really feel about you, BUT, you’re happy, and very attracted to them. So, don’t you think those two factors are important? Ok, I can see why a person would “settle” for less than what they really want IF that something fills a void that they lacked in their previous situation. I GET IT!  What I don’t understand is why settle for being with someone you’re not that interested in just for benefits rather than settle for staying with the one that possess MOST of the qualities you’re looking for? I mean, if you’re going to “settle” at all, settle for the one you really want, and accept  that their an “Ass hole”, at least your happiness is genuine. Don’t agree? Well, I can see why you’d feel that way, Lol. I don’t don’t even think I agree with what I’m saying, Lol I’m just trying to make a point, smh.

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