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Ms. Ross has attracted people from all ethnics, cultures, and beliefs with her controversial thoughts of opinion, combative tones, and aggressive attitude. Exploring mental capacities, and challenging any argument for debate.

Want Ms. Ross advice? Want the world to know what’s going on, and you’d like to know what everyone thinks about it? Are you willing to be a guest on the show? If you have a story to tell, and you’d like to discuss it on our show we’d love to hear it!

Topic #2019-1: Are you engaged to be married, but don’t know how to get out of it?

Have you made a commitment to walk down the isles, and you’re in the middle of planning the wedding, already secured the venue, ordered the cake, and spent money on the honey moon, but you really don’t want to go through with it?

Topic #2019-2: Want to confront your cheating mate?

Do you have evidence that your mate is cheating, do you know who they’re cheating with, and for how long, and you want to reveal that you know in front of an audience?

Topic #2019-4: Were you on the News?

Did you appear on your local news in your town, and want to explain your side of the story? Want to tell us what happened, and how you landed in the headlines?

Topic #2019-5: Are you fighting with a family member?

Do you have a family member that seems to always talk about you? Want to ask them what they’re problem is, and try to find a resolution?

Topic #2019-6: Are you waiting on someone in prison?

Have you been waiting more than 5 years on someone in prison, and they still have a few more years before they’re released, or even if they may never be released?

Topic #2019-7: Do you have a secret you want to tell someone?

Has it been years that you’ve kept a secret, but it’s been haunting you, and you’re ready to tell what it is, ready to let the cat out of the bag so you can finally move on with your life?

Topic #2019-8: Did you divorce your spouse behind their back?

Are you, and your spouse divorced, but he/she doesn’t know it? Tell us how you pulled it off, and why haven’t you told them?

Topic #2019-9: Are you in an open relationship, but want out?

Did you agree to an open relationship when you met your mate, but now you want to be monogamous, buy fear your mate will leave you?

Topic #2019-10: Are you still sleeping with your ex-husband/wife?

Are you married, but you’re still sleeping with your ex-spouse? Is he/she married? Why are you still sleeping with your ex after you divorced?


Note: If you don’t see a topic related to what you’d like to come on the show to discuss, please tell us what your story is, and put “Topic Not Listed” in the subject box. 


Contact The Show

Be sure to put the topic # in the subject box to let us know which show you want to appear on. Please allow 4-10 weeks to be contacted by our producers. If you live out of town, and need travel accommodations, please be sure to let us know. A representative of the show will make the initial contact call, followed by a call from one of our producers.  Click here to Contact the Show

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