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What happened to Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins: Conspiracy or murder?

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Kenneka Jenkins

Despite community activist going public, and saying that “He Saw” footage of Kenneka Jenkins walking into freezer on her own, Hotel officials have yet to release that particular footage to the public nor to the family. There had been earlier claims that the FBI would not be opening a case in regards to the allegations that the hotel is responsible, and have had previous ties to organ harvesting.

The community of Kenneka Jenkins continues to protest in her honor, and in efforts to seek justice, While several videos have surfaced on the internet siting Kenneka’s mother as being not so remorseful in her daughters death, and is rumored to have been involved in witch craft, some believe that this is the effects of those dealings. Despite frequent demands from family and protesters for the hotel to release footage of Kenneka Jenkins walking into to the freezer, no videos will be released because those videos do not exist, reported CBS Chicago. A spokesperson for the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center where the 19-year-old’s body was found told CBS Chicago there is no surveillance camera focused on the freezer. Attorneys for Jenkins’ family toured the hotel Tuesday wherein they discovered no camera trained to the freezer.
Jenkins body was found on September 10, she was reported to have gone missing during a party at the hotel. The family and others have claimed foul play, police said it looks like the teen walked into the freezer on her own, therefore her death has been classified as noncriminal. On Tuesday, friends and family members gathered at the hotel for another demonstration during which they demanded the FBI take over the investigation. Teresa Martin, Mother of Kenneka Jenkins says, she will not be satisfied until she sees proof of her daughter walking into the freezer. “I want to see her literally, actually walking into this freezer,” Martin said last week when other footage from the hotel was released. Surveillnce footage from the hotel was released to the public last week. The footage appears to show Jenkins stumbling through the hotel hallways and wandering through the kitchen.
In one video, some have laimed to have seen a hand pull Jenkins backwards, and redirect her down a hall in which you see her walking towards video surveillance. Other videos have also surfaced with accounts that the videos released to the public have been edited to remove individuals seen in original footage from the videos. Our sources tell us that this case gets bizarre by the minute, but something definitely doesn’t seem right.


What happened to Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins: Conspiracy or murder?
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