Miami-Dade College student gearing up to compete in World Taekwondo Championship.

Miami-Dade County- Miami, FL- Charles J Rowan is a Miami Dade College student studying Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Pharmacy. He’s admired, and respected by his peers not only for his ethics, manners, and loyalty, but for his dominance for whatever he’s pusuing, whether it’s on, or off campus. Now he’s agreed to give MRR MEDIA exclusive access into his world of college and sports by chronicling everything from college details about the challenges he face to his athletics passions, and his everyday life in a blog.

There’s something quite different, but amazing about this future doctor; Training to represent his country of Grenada in the “World Taekwondo Championships” held in South Korea in June, maintaining his studies while pursuing one of his athletic passions of the arts is by our accounts AMAZING!. Focused on becoming the next World Taekwondo Champion. Rowan will be travelling to England for his training, where training will become more vigorous and intense, but no one doubts that he will prevail. It seems this future doctor has his career planned, and cut out for him.
When pursuing what seems like an impossible task, or goal we all need a support system right? Although Rowan has had the support of his uncle it’s still not enough to help him achieve his goal. Unfortunately, the one thing that could stop Rowan from competing in the World Championships is lack of funding for travel, equipment, and all the necessary materials required by the league to compete. Although this may seem like a lot for one man Rowan has been handling it all like a “Champ” one day at a time, hopeful that he will acquire everything needed within the time frame allowed.

 What’s up Taekwondo world, J. Rowan is coming!

It’s been a semester of studies for me, but that’s to be expected in my field.

Every challenge I faced was expected. I still face challenges, but I don’t have any options to let them stop me. I met a lot of important people on campus through the various networking channels held all year -from the various clubs, student life, and just by being at the right building at the right time. College has been one of my goals and for me to be able to pursue my dream makes me proud.

It just takes determination, and A LOT of hard work!

Now that the semester has ended I’m now focused on training to compete in the World Taekwondo Championships in June. This will be my first time participating amongst top fighters around the world. Getting ranked throughout the world will be one of my biggest goals accomplished. With the support of my uncle, whom is one of my biggest supporters I’m able to stay focus, and grounded. Even though I’m in college that doesn’t mean everything is all good at times, lol.

I mean, I’m a young man, I have friends, I like to hav fun, and do things my age group, and sometimes the excitement of everything going on around me has a way of  being a distraction, but with my uncle always staying on me, and keeping me in line, which keeps me on track I’m able to keep my focus, which is a blessing, because some students, and aspiring athletes my age don’t have that especially growing up in some of the most notorious hoods in Miami.

Nevertheless, I’m maintaining my focus…training is going on now, and I’m traveling to England for that, so be on the look out for me when the championships starts. I’ve agreed to provide Ms. Ross with a link that she can post on her website so you guys can watch me in the championships live, and in action.

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