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Who’s that Boy? La, La, La,–La, La, La,….

MRR Media's Personal Trainer

This week’s MCM is one of Tampa, Florida’s finest-And when we say FINEst, we mean FINE!!! Born, and bread in Mims, Florida, Leo Kelly, better know as his artist title, LK OK is our MCM, and we promise he’ll become yours too. Not only is he one of Tampa’s hottest rappers, but he’s the CEO of Better Body Fitness Corporation- the most requested personal trainer in the Tampa area. Clients travel as far as from Miami, and Brevard county just to attend his boot camps, and we don’t blame them, the boy’s body is a canvas.

As a matter of fact, I’m actually going to be organizing a girls trip to Tampa, along with one of my girlfriends (Who’s also a fitness addict, smh to attend one of LK’s boot camps. The rest of the day we’re going to just relax, sip on some fine wine, enjoy some fine dining (Healthy Dining of course), and end the night with some dancing to burn a few more calories. If you’d like to take part in this trip you can text me at 786-399-6288, or Register by clicking on the link. (Link will be available shortly) Now that we have your attention, take a look at our trainer in his new music video..We told you he was a “Rapper” (Stay with us now) WATCH LK’s OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO “Gotta Get This Dough” in our MOST POPULAR VIDEOS section on our homepage.

So, are you going crazy over Man Crush Mondays yet? Well, you can look forward to Mondays now, because MRR highlights the sexiest men on the internet, and in real life each and every Monday for your viewing pleasure. Simply submit us your favorite “Man Crush” (NO CELEBRITIES), and we will spotlight him right here on MRR. Your MCM doesn’t have to be a muscle man with abs for miles, we like a variety of man candy that comes in all shapes and sizes. We’re looking for the bartender, the waiter, the guy next door, the college professor, the single dad, the city worker, the contractor, the computer geek, the cable guy, the zookeeper, the teacher, the chef, the shy guy, and yes even the garbage man. As long as he’s SEXY, we don’t care where he’s from, or what he does. While you decide on your own man crush, take a look at our station’s personal trainer, and nutritionist, and our Man Crush to kickoff this campaign, his name is Mr. Leo Kelly a.k.a LK OK. Follow him on IG @teamlkok on FB at www.facebook.com/leo.kelly

MRR will randomly select a picture to be featured in our MCM lineup. Every Monday there will be a different crush highlighted right here on our website, and all of our social media platforms, including FB, IG, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat. Each man will automatically be entered to participate in MRR’s own version of “The Bachelor” for a chance to meet an amazing woman.  This is a chance for each man to obtain worldwide publicity. Including, radio interviews, local news coverage, Calendar photo shoot, and instant fame. If you’d like to submit a photo of your MCM, or if you are male, and think you are MCM material, please email photos (1) to: Photos


Who’s that Boy? La, La, La,–La, La, La,….
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