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Does your vote really count? Reasons many opt out of voting

When you think about “voting” you assume that your vote automatically counts. You take time off work, stand hours waiting in long lines to cast your ballot for the candidate you believe is best for the office in which he/she is running. You take pride in “voting”, because you believe in the voting system, right? You depend on your vote being counted, because you’re sure that there’s enough votes along with yours to make a difference right?. But, what if your vote isn’t counted? What if your vote doesn’t do anything to change the way things are? What’s next? Then it happens, you began to get discouraged, you feel hopeless, and you think to yourself,.. “what’s the point in voting when your vote doesn’t count”?

Over the past 20 years voting has become a political circus. It become more of a “power struggle” between Democrats, and Republicans rather than a “fight for the people”. Nothing has really been done on a lower level by either party that actually benefit, or help “the people”. — does either party truly have the best interest of the people at heart. We’ve witnessed these parties go blow for blow, hit below the belt, and go at it eye for an eye for decades, but what’s it really all for? Sure, we’ve heard the arguments of both sides, but what has either side done for the people that has really impacted their lives for the better on a long-term scale?

Quite frankly both sides are sounding like con artists, broken records, and fast talking salesmen. Many aren’t buying anything either side is selling–both sides have been guilty of many allegations.


The fight is the same strategies. Each party digs up dirt on the next party,  etc etc. One party will claim to have found a resolve while the other party  search for cracks to prove that the solution isn’t full proof, and so on. It has been a continuation of the same immature, childish, and most ridiculous fight between adults whom all should know better. It’s truly sad, just a bunch of adults pointing the finger at each other, and no one taking responsibility for why this country is falling apart. I picture it like a childhood memory, sisters horse playing in their room, things get out of hand, one sister pushes the other into a dresser causing her to knock over a lamp, and it breaks. Mom comes in yelling, “What’s going on in here, who broke this lamp”?, both sisters point the finger at the other. Instead of both admitting that it was both their actions that caused the lamp to break neither is willing to admit the truth. If they had been mature enough to realize that if they both took responsibility for breaking the lamp, the problem would have been resolved at that time, because they could’ve simply fixed the lamp together.

It appears that, the lack of maturity between the Democratic, and Republican parties is also preventing a simple resolution, beThis is exactly what’s going on between two groups of adults who have different opinions, whom aren’t mature enough to come to a mutual resolve–instead they’ve turned this country into a circus, and the only people who’re suffering are the citizens. Two selfish groups of people fighting for position of  power that will ultimately benefit themselves.

Don’t be fooled–The elections aren’t really about the American people, it’s about “Power and  control”. The politicians, and candidates running for office nowadays are far from the politicians, candidates, and leaders who ran for office 50 years ago. Back then, politicians had integrity, empathy, and hearts that actually pumped the same blood as the next human being. They were truly fighting for what was right. Today, the leaders of this country lack the ability to love others, they have no dignity, no considerations for the working class, or poor, and they severely lack integrity, and empathy.

What happened to leaders being good listeners? Isn’t what makes a great leader is his/her ability to listen, and then implement a plan that will help, and benefit everyone, and not just one group, or class of people? Aren’t leaders supposed to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and skilled with resolving issues? Why does it seem the so-called leaders of today aren’t exhibiting any of the traits, qualities, and skills they claim to have possessed when they applied for the job –they swore, and took an oath that ensured that the American people would comes first, but that’s not nearly the case.

I can not understand how so many intelligent, and educated individuals lack wisdom, and common sense. Most of the issues their fighting over can easily be resolved if they’d simply “put the needs of the American people first”, and implement wisdom, and common sense.  It’s really not that hard, or complicated. The problem with this country isn’t that they’re dumb, or stupid, it’s that they’re greedy, and selfish. Both parties want control not, because they plan to do what’s beneficial, and right by the people, but because they want to do what’s financially beneficial for themselves.

Let me be clear–if this fight was really about the needs of the American people then why have so many politicians, leaders, and corporate companies have been able to profit, and live luxurious lifestyles at the expense of the people. A good leader wouldn’t even be able to sleep at night, or look himself in the mirror knowing that people are starving, dying, homeless, and and living in conditions no human being should have to suffer–

Pay attention to what’s really going on- How can people help themselves when there’re systems, policies, rules, and regulations that’s not designed to actually help them at all.

To name a few of this country’s disparities, and discrepancies..

  • How is it possible for anyone to apply for credit when they’ve been poor all their life, and never had credit, because they were too poor to buy anything credit worthy.
  • Why allow utility companies to report negative payment histories to the credit bureaus against the poor when they’re clearly not paying on time, because they’re “poor”.
  • How is it possible for that same poor person to apply for a personal, or business loan to support their families when there’s a system set in place that only allows people with good credit, good payment history, and financial paper trails to qualify to receive funds. If a person has never had these things, or were never put in position to obtain these things, then how the hell are they to acquire these things if they’re not given any chances to do so.
  • How can a poor person start a business without a business loan, no collateral, no credit history, and no history of ever being in business if they’re a first time business owner starting a business with literally no start up funds. How is it possible to start a business with NO MONEY.
  • Why is rent higher than salaries. How can a person afford to live in better living conditions when the minimum wage is lower than the housing market rates.
  • Why are big corporations like FPL, Comcast, and city utility companies allowed to tax the poor with administration fees, unknown overcharges, and late fees that puts them further in debt, and at risk  of having their services disconnected when these services are clearly necessities.
  • Why do poor people even have to pay for the basic living necessities. These are families with young children that are having their water, and electric services turned off due to non-payment. Why are utility services being turned off at all.
  • Why are there three credit reporting agencies, and three different credit scores? There’s no need for three different agencies when all of them do the same thing. It’s not a fair judgment, and it leaves room for discrimination. Allowing such a system to stay in place, you’re allowing racial bias, prejudice, and discrimination to take place based on an applicant’s race, and/or gender.
  • By using three different credit reporting agencies, and allowing three different credit scores, a company can choose whichever score, highest, or lowest to determine whether an applicant is a qualified candidate at their own discretion, and no one will truly know which factor the company used to make their determination– in many instances, the lowest scores are used to determine a certain race, and class of people’s credit worthiness, and/or employment, home ownership, and rental qualifications.
  • Why do the government systems (programs) only assist you if you’re not working, bringing in any income, or don’t have any children? This doesn’t seem like a government that wants you to be “self-sufficient”, or empowered. How does it make any sense to help someone that has no income coming, and as soon as they start to earn an income you hold them to the same responsibilities of someone who’s worked long enough to start a savings account, get out of debt, and pay their monthly bills, and still have a little money left over to go on vacation. A government recipient will never afford to even be able to live the average life of a  “working class” individual, because the system is designed to keep them in debt instead of helping them get out of debt.
  • Why doesn’t the government also help those who’re helping themselves. People who work, don’t have children, and who own businesses should also qualify for government assistance.
  • Why aren’t childcare fees being regulated. These daycares, and after school programs are extremely too high. Some of these fees for families with three, or more children costs more than the salary that both parents bring in each month.

It is a fact that, it’s the things listed that politicians don’t even mention, and allow to go unnoticed that have the biggest impact on the working class communities. It’s the ” little things” that don’t seem to matter to them, that’s causing the most problems for us. People are falling ill, dying at a faster rate, and at younger ages due to “stress”. Depression, and suicide rates are higher, because people are tired. they’re exhausted with trying to sustain, and keep from drowning in this economy, and it seems, just as soon as they get themselves up, they’re brought right back down by a class of people who profit from the economy crashing. These are the same people who are “the problem”, they create economic hardships, intentionally crash the stock market, create illnesses, and diseases, and cause mass hysteria just to make a profit. On top of all that, when they decide to put things back to normal, they raise taxes for no real good reasons just to make a few more quick bucks off the poor. Not even considering the fact that the economy is still trying to grow back from a crisis that they created.

I don’t have to tell you that the systems, policies, and rules currently set in place by this government, and “great” nation are only to benefit 1% of the population, and I don’t have to tell you who that 1% is.  The leaders that govern this country really don’t care anything about “the people”. We are the least of this country’s concern.

I have yet to hear a Democrat, or a Republican promise, or even mention lowering the housing markets, lowering rent payments, going after these car dealerships who take advantage of people with less than perfect credit, regulating these title loan, and payday loan services who charge these ridiculous interest rates, or even enforcing landlord responsibilities, and holding them accountable for their properties being such poor conditions. Landlords are neglecting their properties, and forcing people to live in conditions they wouldn’t want to live in themselves. Do you know why no one is talking about it–Because everyone is getting a cut back, payoff, or bribe to keep things exactly the way it is. Why do you think a politicians are in favor of upholding policies, and practices that they know damn well doesn’t favor the people.

Therefore, I beg the differ, and I highly doubt that the fight for any political office has anything to do with the “little people”, in better words, “poor people”, they all just tell us what we want to hear just to get our vote, and turn right around, and do the opposite of what we put them in office for. PAYOLA is real, and it’s still being practiced amongst our “leaders”. It’s every man for himself in this country. If the fight was about us, everything I mentioned above would have never happened, and a change to better the system would’ve been in place by now.

This country’s population overpopulated with “poor people”, and  I don’t have to be an analyst wth a PHD, or any type of degree to figure that out–So, who’re “the people”? Who’re the folks these politicians, and so-called leaders speak of when they say, “For the people”, or “Make America Great Again”? Who do they think “the people” are, who are they referring to when they say, “America”? From the looks of how this country has been run, they can’t possibly be talking about the “working class of poor people”.

Well, since no politician, leader, or candidate running for public office haven’t seem to have figred it out, let me be clear– “If there’s any politician, leader, or any person running for office who claim to be doing it “for the people”, well they need to start here. I’ve taken the liberty of notating a few changes that need to take place ASAP, and should be the first things addressed when appointed.

  • Give people a chance to start their own business by offering them a business loan whether they qualify, or not. The average person posses a skill, trade, or service they can use to generate an income for themselves. Either allow them to use those abilities to make money for a period of time without enforcing legal penalties against them so that they can make the money needed to not only pay local, and state licensing fees etc, but also stay in business long enough to actually see a profit. — The other option is to simply give them the money they need to cover the costs of local, and state licensing fees, and all the other financial obligations required to operate a business. It’s really not that complicated, these businesses can also be assigned financial advisors, mentors, and coaches that will monitor their spending activities to ensure that the business owner is applying the funds in the areas of his/her business where it’s needed.
  • A person who has no credit, or financial history, but clearly has a business plan, model,  a skill, trade, or service that they can use as a product to generate them an income should not be denied funding to help them do so. 9 out of 10 persons that wish to start a business DO NOT qualify according to the current system in place. This system needs to change.
  • Don’t allow employers to see an applicant’s race, or gender until after the decision to hire, or pass on that applicant has been made. Only allow employers to base their decisions on just an applicants work history, experience, and/or education.
  • Don’t allow HOA’s, landlords, or housing communities to see an applicants race, or gender. Only allow applicants rental history, payment history, evictions, and income to be visible. As long as an applicant can prove he/she can afford to pay their bills, knowledge of anything else is irrelevant.
  • Regulate the amount of deposits a landlord can collect based on the applicants income. Applicants should only be permitted to pay a deposit not to exceed the amount of the rent, and the first/last month rent requirement should be eliminated altogether.
  • Enforce landlord responsibilities to keep their properties in good living conditions by enforcing them to replace carpets, cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures in need of repair after a certain period of time for each based on the life of each.
  • If there’s going to be three different credit reporting agencies then there also should be a policy set in place that only allow merchants to choose just one to make their determinations, and the race, and or gender should not be revealed until after the applicant has been selected based solely on their credit history, experience, and/or qualifications. — Gender, and race of any applicant should be kept private, and not visible until after the decision for  hire, or credit approval has been determined, and approved. No company should be able to see the race, or gender of an applicant before the application process begins, this prevents any type of racial profiling, discrimination, prejudice, or bias.
  • Help people in general, whether they’re working, don’t have kids, or are in business for themselves. Contrary to political beliefs, these individuals need help too. There should be a system designed to prevent working class people, and small business owners from falling on hard times instead of providing help that’s enabling them from being independent. Help business owners stay in business by  assisting them while they’re still in business instead of putting them on a government program when they go “out of business”.
  • Keep people’s utilities on regardless if they’ve paid, or not. If a family can’t pay their utility bill then you utilize assistance programs like the LIHEAP program to reimburse the utility company for the periods the tenant didn’t pay instead of turning their services off, and having them seek assistance to have them turned back on. Some of those assistance programs run out of funding, or have waiting lists more than 3 months long. Why allow a family to live in a home without running water, or electric for that long rather than simply back paying the utility companies when funding is available.
  • Lower the childcare rate based on a family’s combined income. The YMCA even has a membership programs for low-income families, why not implement this same program for childcare, and before/after care programs for low-income families.
  • Change the qualifying income minimums. It’s not fair to base someone’s income on Gross pay when they’re only living off net pay.

It’s not hard to figure out how to resolve these issues. The only reason it hasn’t been done, won’t get done, and neither party is focused on doing anything to resolve them, is because this country is divided, and being run by a bunch of selfish, and greedy bigots, racists, and criminals. The United States Of America has a serious “Racism”, biased, and prejudice problem, and it refuses to admit it, because then it risks exposing itself.

Nevertheless, this country’s economy is the worse. Our leaders simply don’t care enough. It’s a proven fact that everyone is suffering in this economy, including the working middle class, but yet the  government chooses to be ignorant, and turn a blind eye to the reality of what’s really happening, and continues to assume that a person that makes a certain amount of money is doing well for it’s own selfish gratifications. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what tax bracket, or income bracket a household falls in, “everyone” is struggling in this economy.

“How does a vote count when the issues we voted you in to change don’t change”?. When I say, “My vote doesn’t count” this is exactly what I mean.

The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It will be the 59th quadrennial presidential election.

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