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Your credit score can cost you a job

It’s challenging enough trying to obtain a job without a degree, and now (on top of that)  it’s a requirement to have a 650 credit score to get a job? If this isn’t an attempt to oppress I don’t know what it is-One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t make no damn sense! I’m amazed that I even have to ask the question, because it shouldn’t even be a topic, it’s completely, and utterly absurd, ridiculous, and clearly a malicious act of oppression. Why else would a “credit score” be a requirement for U.S. citizens to “work” to “feed their families”. Working is not an option, it’s mandatory, and detrimental to our survival, but these people are acting as though it is a reward that’s only given if you have “Good Credit”. This is arrogant BULLSHIT!!!!

I keep telling you to pay attention to the signs. Watch what’s happening. You’re always seeing me hashtag #Wakeup #StayWoke, this is another one of those hashtag attempts to get you to see how important it is for you to get involved in your community, argue, disagree, speak up, and for your sakes…VOTE!!! Come on, are you kidding me?..The desire, and will for someone who wants to “Work” shouldn’t be gambled, or decided by a “credit scoring” system,or any system for that matter. It should be our “Unlimited Right”, and shouldn’t be determined by a system that was designed to hold certain demographics back. I don’t care how “They” try to dress it up, justify it, or deny the truth behind this plot-THIS IS NO DOUBT another attempt to keep us down. What has our credit score has to do with determining whether someone should be given the opportunity to work. Working is not a reward, it’s a requirement, and priority. If people don’t work, they can’t feed their families.

You mean to tell me that the only people in this country whom you have deemed deserve the right to feed their families, and make a living for themselves are the people with a 650 credit score, or better? You got the nerve to pull this stunt now when “the system”, and it’s intended purpose is the reason most tax payers’s credits are f&#ked up at all. Really? You Mutherf#$kers have got the nerve to dictate who you think is worthy of feeding their families, and I GUARANTEE the target is BLACKS, and the few unfortunates of your own race you consider, “Poor white trash”.

Let me be clear, first you created a system to hold us back, then you intentionally failed to inform us about that system, or provided us any information to warn us as to how devastating to our well-being, and survival this system could be. Now, that it’s a little too late, you’re now holding our lack of knowledge against us. YOU are the reason we started out with a less then perfect credit score from the beginning. BASTARDS!!!!

Take a look at a few of the justifications as to why the “credit score” system is now a factor in determining whether you’re qualified  for a job.

An applicant’s credit history can flag potential problems an employer would want to avoid:

  • Lots of late payments could indicate you’re not very organized and responsible, or don’t live up to agreements
  • Using lots of available credit or having excessive debt are markers of financial distress, which may be viewed as increasing the likelihood of theft or fraud
  • Any evidence of mishandling your own finances could indicate a poor fit for a job that involves being responsible for company money or consumer information

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners worked with on a nationwide survey of 1,528 human resources professionals about screening checks. The results showed 25% of the HR professionals use credit or financial checks while hiring for some positions, while 6% check the credit of all applicants.

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